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Does Having A Beard Make You Feel Attractive Fellas?

Does Having A Beard Make You Feel Attractive Fellas?

Rick Ross, David Bishop, Omarion, Boris Kodjoe, Idris Elba – Yep, they’ve got something in common. All of them have rocked (or still rocking) a beard.

Social media has certainly started to glorify men with beards about as quickly as a meme for a baby momma or how LeBron James is still the “best player” in the world. You get it now? Cool!

Well, according to a new study done by Braun, turns out a group of men in New York felt more facially attractive with a beard to the opposite sex as opposed to those who care to keep things bare and baby-faced styled.

According to COMPLEX, a total of 1,000 men residing in New York took the survey. 53 percent of men thought that keeping a beard brought out a more positive outlook on their looks while 41 percent felt more confident with facial hair.

Other study numbers included 67 percent admitting that they are able to grow some facial hair while 76.7 responded that hitting puberty resulted in patches instead of a full grown beard. Hey, if your mustache is partial – don’t feel too bad.

Now let’s talk about options and why a beard can work for like a saving grace while for others? Yeah, stick to a neat trim.

Rick Ross and Omarion:

Getty Images/Instagram
Getty Images/Instagram

Ross can sport a beard really well especially with his head structure. Can you imagine him without his signature beard?  While Ross does grow hair atop of his head, when it’s shaved – it gives his beard an added touch of class. Hey, if rumored girlfriend Lira Galore ain’t complaining then cool.

Omarion drew internet rumors after he posted an IG pic in 2014 of what some dubbed the “beard weave.” Honestly, as man it just looked like he had it darkened to help bring the beard to “life” sort-to-speak. While he doesn’t necessarily “need” it, it’s good for a guy to know he has options when it comes to facial hair.

David Bishop and Boris Kodjoe:



The “Being Mary Jane” star and “The Real Husbands of Hollywood” actor , contingent on pics alone, both sport a close shaven beard. Let’s face it, beards itch like a motha therefore, a close shave to your face is definitely a good option.  Side note, if you have a rounder shaped head a beard can give the appearance of a “fatter face.” Opt for a chin strap – it aids in giving you some added bone structure and minimizes the roundness.

Now fellas, we all know we probably have some beard trimmers or when we go over to one of our guy friends (frat brothers included) we end up wiping the blade off and using theirs. The Beard Institute offers some simple tips on keeping everything neat. Also, for those of you who have patches and aren’t able to fully connect a beard or chin strap – don’t be ashamed to use mascara. If you’re too embarrassed to make the purchase, just ask your homegirl.

Question Post Read:

Do you think a beard makes you more attractive to others?


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