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Does working out improve your productivity

Does working out improve your productivity

At the beginning of the year many set fitness goals to get back in the gym, but if I told you working out could increase your productivity would you start? If you haven’t started yet here are a few reasons that you should. While exercise does improve your physical health, there are also mental health benefits.

Promotes better sleep

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Many professionals have a difficult time sleeping at night because their brain is racing thinking about what tasks need to get completed. Exercise strengthens your circadian rhythms making you more alert in the morning and enhancing your sleep at night. Studies have shown that exercise increases your chances of achieving deep sleep. Not only are you sleeping but deep sleep boosts your metabolism and controls your stress levels.

Boost in energy levels

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Exercise increases the blood flow through your body, allowing more blood and oxygen which equals more energy. Exercise is not just limited to working out but can include: sex, gardening, walking the dog and swimming. The goal is that you up and moving around. So get off the couch and go for a walk of run.


Makes you happy

Have you ever noticed after a workout how happy you feel? Its because working out is a natural stress reliever. A recent study conducted by Penn State yielded results that the more vigorous the workout, the pleasant you feel. This also confirms the statement that people that have sex on a regular basis tend to be happier.

Makes you perform better at work

Working out increases your confidence which can give you the guts to speak up more and get you noticed. As well it increases your memory and productivity because you have more energy. It helps to relieve stress so in times of high pressure you can rise to the occasion.

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