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Does Writing Papers Cause Eye Problems?

Does Writing Papers Cause Eye Problems?

Most educational institutions schedule frequent writing assignments for their students. Sure, such homework carries valuable goals at its core, such as building writing and editing skills, logic and research, as well as organizational skills. However, long writing sessions and frequent essay homework can also have a not-so-appealing effect on students’ health. Indeed, students have to spend many hours in front of screens. Such a habit can harm young people’s eyes, leading to exhaustion, dryness, and excessive exposure to blue light. So, let’s see whether long writing sessions on the computer cause eye problems, why it happens and how to prevent negative influences.

Does Writing Papers Cause Eye Problems?

Lack of breaks

Most students choose to deal with their papers in one or two sessions, sitting at computers till everything is done. Such determination is honorable, no doubt. Yet, it’s not the best approach regarding eye health. Our eyesight is quite delicate and requires good treatment and care. Hence, to write essays without eyesight consequences, students have to take breaks.

Frequent five-minute breaks should be enough to give the eye enough rest for the next brief writing session. However, such a break should give the eyes a rest. Hence, replacing a computer screen with a smartphone won’t do much help here. Instead, it’s best to try other activities, like watching out the window or at different distances. Doing eye exercises or lying down with closed eyes can also be a nice solution.

Of course, sometimes a simple break is not enough. Sitting at a computer for hours can lead to pains, dryness, and redness in the eyes that are hard to treat with a short break. In such a case, finding the best essay writing service and ordering a paper online can be the best decision. There is no need to exhaust your eyes even more. Such pains will not help you focus on the task anyway, while also causing serious eye issues in the near future.

Forgetting to blink

We don’t think much about blinking unless we absolutely have to. Well, it turns out that our brains can also forget about the importance of blinking for the time being. Indeed, we tend to blink less frequently in certain situations.

For example, whenever a person is highly concentrated on reading, watching something, or typing, they blink at a much lower frequency. Such low rates mean that our eyes don’t get a temporary relief that keeps our eyes moist and oxygenated. Students who drink too much coffee or, specifically, energy drinks while writing will also blink less.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much one can do to control the blinking situation while working. It is a reflex, after all. However, lack of blinking leads to excessive dryness of the eyes, which affects eyesight and causes other damage. So, students need to keep that factor in mind when planning long writing sessions. For instance, having eye drops to moist eyes while working will prevent tiredness and unpleasant sensations in the eyes.

Does Writing Papers Cause Eye Problems?

Choosing the wrong screen setting

Typing on the computer can already be rather exhausting for your eyes as it is. However, there are ways one can help to worsen the screen’s effects on eyesight. Thus, screen settings matter greatly when relieving your eyes while writing.

Start by setting the right brightness and contrast of the screen. The rule of thumb here is to balance the screen’s brightness with the surrounding. Next, it’s best to adjust fronts and screen resolution, so you can see well and clearly without tiring your eyes

Does Writing Papers Cause Eye Problems?

How to improve eyesight

Now that you know how much our working habits can affect the eyes let’s learn how to protect them besides going to www.writingpapersucks.com when needing to rest.

improve eyesight

Maintain a balanced diet

Many people don’t connect the importance of a balanced diet to eye health. Well, it’s a mistake. Certain products can lead to noticeable improvements in your eyesight. For instance, products rich in vitamins C, E, and A, as well as Omega 3, have a positive effect on eye health.

Do eyes exercising

Eye exercise is a thing, and it can improve one’s eye health. Such exercise can be especially helpful during the writing process. Students can take occasional breaks and do eye exercises, which works as a change of activity and helps eyes to stay sharp and rested.

Quit smoking

Smoking is not just bad for your general health but your eye health, too. Smoke and tobacco influences can decrease your eyesight over time and cause rapid deterioration with age.

Use eye drops when needed

Eye drops can be helpful in preventing dryness. Yet, there are rules. First, don’t just use any drops over the counter. These may contain various harmful chemicals. Second, don’t overuse this product. Such products can cause damage when used more than necessary. Remember, a break and good rest are better than using such drops.

Visit your eye doctor regularly

Last but not least, scheduling annual doctor checkups is always the best preventative measure for eyesight damage. If necessary, visit doctors whenever you have any issues or pains beyond annual appointments.


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