Dolce & Gabbana Not so Secret Runway:Milan S/S 2018

Who doesn’t want two fashion shows by one designer in one fashion week? Dolce & Gabbana spoiled Milan with two fashion shows in a 24hr span. The “secret” but not so secret fashion show was held for loyal clients and fashion gurus, to present their S/S 2018 collection for evening wear.

Image of designers dolce gabbana and models for 2018 milan
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The Dolce & Gabbana duo has always been known to have a personal connection with their fans by connecting through fashion. According to Vogue, the secret show was categorized as “Queen of Hearts,” and those modeled queens broke many hearts for the show. The show started with simple, sexy and seductive black dresses with a drastic emerge to an exclusive deck of cards serving nothing but a winning hand. But, was this secret show so secret? I mean, there were people sitting front row to gaze upon the anticipated collection. So who were these lucky people who were able to be front and centered of this unique show?Of course, we don’t know it was a secret right!

So, why the deck of cards inspiration? According to Vogue Runway the designers believe love can be found anywhere, and that includes fashion. And, so the Queen of Hearts emerged. Models in golden embellished crowns, sheer fruit pattern material and royalty inspired prints  made their way down the wide runway. The wide runway seemed to be the thing for Milan fashion week 2018 for designers such as Versace, as well as Dolce & Gabbana.

Known to be controversial for their Trump administration support and statements about skinny models. Does that stop many denying that unfortunately Dolce & Gabbana definitely know their fashion!

So, check out our favorite “Queen of Hearts,” looks from September 24.

Image of women in crown for dolce gabbana 2017
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Image of women in black pantsuit dolce gabban 2017
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Image of women in printed pantsuit dolce gabban 2017
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Image of model in blue printed ensembele dolce gabbana 2017
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Image in women in dolce gabban 2017 runway
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Image of black woman in dolce gabbana show 2017
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Image in women in dolce gabban 2017 runway
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Image of women in black corset and lace dress dolce gabanna
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