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Dolores Cortes KILLS at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2014

The Dolores Cortes show was EVERYTHING! Do you hear me EVERYTHING ! The super bright, tropical and three-dimensional swimsuits strutted the runway and didn’t miss a beat.  Dolores Cortes displayed a very bold and chic collection for her Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim show.

This show gave me life in so many ways, there were lots of solid colored suits that had twisted straps that wrapped around the body in every way. The prints were big, electric and spoke to you as every model strutted the runway. As i watched Dolores Cortes Swimsuits  come down the runway i felt as if i was on a tropical ride through Africa.  The collection was accessorized with big statement jewelry. Gold spiked necklaces, cuffs, earrings acted like Wonder Woman’s accouterments to the Amazonian models and again this gave me LIFE.

Now its your chance to get your LIFE lol check it out below just in case you missed it on our instagram

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