Donald Sterling to Apologize in an interview with Anderson Cooper


Everyone has heard how LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been banned from the NBA after making racist comments in a recorded interview. Now in an interview with Anderson Cooper that will air on Monday at 8pm on CNN Donald Sterling wants to apologize for those comments.

In the a two minute clip on CNN  Donald Sterling states that Elgin Baylor, a former NBA Clippers player, worked with him for 23 years and never said anything about his actions.

Cooper mentioned how Baylor stated that Donald Sterling ran the team with a “Plantation Mentality.” According to Baylor, Sterling wanted to have an all-black team with a southern white coach.

Cooper also added that Baylor claimed Donald Sterling would bring people into the locker room to see them after a game; making comments like, “look at their beautiful black bodies.”

Sterling did not say anything negative in regards to Baylor; instead he called him a “wonderful man.”

However, Baylor did not feel the same way about Donald Sterling calling him a racist. Sterling defended himself in that accusation, stating how he worked with attorney’s who were black. He went on to talk about how he only judged them by their work.