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Don’t Clap Back! “Match Made In Heaven’s” Khalena Knox Discusses her TV Fight!

Don’t Clap Back! “Match Made In Heaven’s” Khalena Knox Discusses her TV Fight!

Khalena Knox may be a Beauty Queen, but she is definitely no push over! As you may recall, our resident “Brainy Beauty Queen” is one of the contestants on We TV’s new hit dating show, Match Made In Heaven. Along with nineteen other young women, she has been competing for the affections of former NFL Star turned real estate tycoon, Shawn Bullard. He has been dubbed “America’s First Black Bachelor,” but the antics in the third episode of his show reached a fever pitch as Khalena and another contestant, Dolly, faced off!


The drama began when Shawn’s mother, Maggie, arrives to help him weed out the “hussies,” (as she so affectionately refers to some of the looser contestants). She becomes rather hawkish immediately, compelling the girls to walk a thin line when she is around. However, things went awry while Khalena was on her date with Shawn. Apparently, the ladies were offered apples, which if bitten would immediately end Khalena’s date. Dolly and another contestant, Alexandria, bit their apples and the date ended with the pool collapsing, sending both Shawn and Khalena into the mud just as they were about to share their first kiss. “I was pissed! You know I’m not from the ‘hood but when I hear a loud bang I know to get down…I didn’t know what was going on…Besides he and I have so much in common and for them to do that…ugh!” Unsurprisingly, Khalena returned to the house angry and confronted Dolly when she came forward as one of her saboteurs. “I was really shocked that she would do something like that…just the day before she and I were having a deep conversation and she opened up about her past…”

Shawn and his mother Maggie
Shawn and his mother Maggie


Dolly began to clap and yell in her face and then it got serious as Khalena pushed her onto a sofa! “Here I am trying to have a civil conversation with her as a grown woman and she starts clapping her hands in my face and yelling at me! No! I will not be disrespected and when you violate my space I’m going to get you out of it…you’re not going to insult me because of my accolades and you being intimidated by them…the girl weighed ninety-eight pounds soaking wet and I’m 6’2” in heels. She was not going to win and I showed her when I got her away from me!” Maggie was disappointed and the altercation between the ladies landed both of them in the elimination round. Surprisingly, Shawn saw their fight as a symbol of their “passion” for him and allowed both ladies to stay, sending Brandy, a contestant he felt was not passionate about him home. “I have no issue with Brandy. She and I actually have a lot in common. Dolly, however, should have been sit home. First off she’s backstabbing and then she told us she’s only been with five men, but has been with countless women. She even said she’s the type of girl that uses a strap and that most of her relationships have been with women. I don’t think he’s [Shawn] what she wants. She’s there for what those cameras can do for her…”


Khalena admits to being disappointed with Maggie for goading the girls and Shawn as well for not sending her home. “When he said he found that situation to be passionate I was saying to myself, ‘Naw I’m good.’ I don’t do drama and nonsense and that’s exactly what that was. If that’s the type of girl he wants he can have it because there are so many guys of his caliber and better that won’t tolerate that…his mother seemed to be so proper and about order at first, then you see her encouraging the girls to bite an apple and see what happens because it’s a competition…I feel like this was in part her fault too…” Khalena currently “pleads the Fifth” on how she currently feels about Shawn, but promises us even more juicy and dramatic moments are to come. “Whether you know me as Khalena or Barbie, I am not one to be messed with…” Indeed she is. Catch Khalena on WE TV’s Match Made In Heaven Thursday nights; and check back here for more updates on reality television journey!



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