Double-Breasted Suits For Men…On The Rise, Or Nah

Back in the day, old school Double-breasted suits were an everyday regime for men, especially on the mid-80’s. They were big and characterized by their boxy, looser fit. Some jackets have six or eight external buttons, which is more traditional, while others have two or four. Everyone has at least one gangster uncle they can recall, who would rock these every Sunday at church, am I right? While today’s versions are slimmer all over, which makes them much more flattering and wearable, the question stands,

“Are Double-breasted suits hot or not”?

Double-breasted jackets have peak lapels, which make your chest look wider and create an hourglass shape. Known as the “power move” of suits, owning a Double-breasted suit is by chance one of the biggest style statements proclaiming wealth and prosperity. Check out some of these photos down below.


Personally speaking, I’m not the biggest fan of this style, mainly because of the fit. Let’s just say, this suit is designed for the more lean type of body frame; definitely not made for muscular or heavyset guys. Nonetheless, the right style and fit will definitely strike an accord at any business function or event. Not to mention, with the right accessories, dope footwear and attitude to match, you’ll definitely be taken seriously for being a style savvy gent in these streets. With that said, I’ll let you guys be the judge.


A Double-breasted suit can be the easiest way to show off a genuine sense of style when done correctly. However, it is highly recommended you work with a tailor to get the fit just right. When it comes to fit, too tight is just as bad as too big. Knowing your correct proportions will help you choose one off the rack and will ensure that you are the fanciest baller hitting the city scene.

Mark Pollard

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