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[WATCH] Dr. Dre BEATING On Michel’le and More During R&B Divas LA Reunion Part 2

[WATCH] Dr. Dre BEATING On Michel’le and More During R&B Divas LA Reunion Part 2

Last night was the final installment of R&B Divas LA reunion show hosted by Wendy Williams and it was sooooo good. Let’s get into. Lil’ Mo was spilling all the tea last night and telling it straight no chaser. Most of the talk revolved around Kelly’s behavior, the monologues, weak azz Dawn and the shocker of Dr. Dre BEATING Michel’le. Once again, we have another reality star placing blame on “editing” to make them look a certain way. Kelly told Wendy that the producers chose to portray her in a negative light, to that Chante said no one can make you act a certain way. I along with the rest of the cast concurred. Chile, I could dedicated an entire blog to the shenanigans that are Kelly Price but I have a life. HA!

Anyhow,  we finally got to see a glimpse of the monologue that Kelly did and it was definitely a game changer. She stated that because of the trauma in her life, she is guarded and doesn’t trust easily. While I understand her situation, does that make an excuse as a GROWN WOMAN for her awful behavior.

Moving on, Dawn was dragged to her death last night…see, if she was there MAYBE things could’ve been cleared up but since she wasn’t it was a free for all. It was mainly Mo that TKO’d her. My perception of Dawn from the get go was that she was weak/frail and “depended” on Kelly too much but like Mo stated, she was afraid of Kelly. According to Mo, Dawn needed the show the most! When I tell you Mo was reading Kelly for filth, y’all! “She ain’t got no songs to sing,” I was in invisible tears all night long! Mo also chatted it up about how Dawn’s car was braking down and needed to have water put in it…it was hilarious and what Mo said was true, well until yesterday ” Don’t none of us have a song on the radio, so there is no need for folks to act grand.” Hello!


Now, the real shocker of the evening was Michel’le discussing getting her nose done because Dr. Dre would beat her like Harpo beat Sofia AND she was slick “justifying” “understanding” My mouth was on the floor! She equated being beat with love because her father never told her he loved her and when she got with Suge, she wondered if he loved her because he didn’t hit on her. WOW! You NEVER know someone’s life chile. I’m surprised Wendy didn’t know this since Michel’le said it was publicized. *shrugs*


Overall, it was a great reunion show, I would’ve liked to hear more from Claudette but Wendy Williams did a phenomenal job and I vote for her to reunion if there is a season 2.  It ended with Kelly announcing that the divas were touring with some the Atlanta cast and there was nothing but crickets. Peep part 2 for ya’self.



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