Dr. Dre Drops “Beats” To Become Hip-Hop’s First Billionaire!

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Unless you have been orbiting Mars for the last two days then you know Apple is purchasing “Beats By Dre,” for a whopping 3.2 Billion dollars! Let’s just remind you that is a dollar for a little less than half the Earth’s human population. Yes, Dr. Dre will soon become hip-hop’s first billionaire, surpassing colleagues like Jay-Z and Diddy in wealth. The success and expansion of Beats Electronics and their premium headphones line of electronics has shocked the world at large. Even more shocking is Apple’s decision to purchase what many would consider to be a fashion accessory. Their last large acquisition was NeXt software, which became the basis for Mac OS software for the last decade and is rumored to have brought Steve Jobs back on with them. Apple knows purchasing Beat Electronics will revolutionize the way we listen to music and only improve the quality.

Nevertheless, Dr. Dre just made history! To think, former gangsta rapper and member of N.W.A. is now one of the richest men on the planet is mind boggling. It just goes to show with a little creativity, brand promotion, and wise investments you can have just about anything. Apple has not officially purchased the company but should be closing the deal in a matter of hours. How much of that 3.2 billion Dre will pocket is not exactly known–but who cares he will still be a billionaire!

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