“Forbes Magazine” Names Dr. Dre The Highest Paid Musician!

It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that Dr. Dre is the highest paid hip-hop artist but, he is also the highest paid musician PERIOD, of 2014 according to Forbes.


Dr. Dre can thank Apple for buying his popular Beats By Dre headphones for a reported $3 billion! Dre topped the list raking in a eye-popping, jaw-dropping, $620 million dollars according to Forbes! That total makes him the highest paid musician of 2014 by a long shot. No other musician came close. As a matter of fact, Dre’s total earnings is more than the remaining top 10’s earnings COMBINED!

Beyoncé came in at #2 bringing in $115 Million, Taylor Swift tops out at a cozy $64 million to land her at #11 just ahead of Jay-z and Diddy who tied for $60 million. Drake and Lady Gaga sit at #30 with a reported $33 million.

According to my bank account, nobody lost this year but me…..

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