Drake Collaborates With Chris Brown In the Studio, While He says he is “Coasting” With Out Rihanna

Former Rivals now BFFs? Well maybe not quite just yet, but Chris Brown and Drake seem to have got over their club brawl back in 2012.

The two that were allegedly fighting over the same girl, posted a picture together on instagram. The pair are in the studio, looking like they may be collaborating with each other .


The former ‘Degrassi’ star recently did a press conference for the Espys and was asked about his new found friend ship. Even though he stated that ” he rather not comment,” the picture says it all.


But this isn’t the first time the two have been in the studio together since the brawl. In 2013 the two made headlines together after being spotted in the studio together.

At the Espy conference, Drake also addressed his relation ship status. “Well Um actually my status hadn’t changed ,just to clear that up,I’ve always been out here coasting,” the rapper claims.

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