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Drake’s Personal Trainer Dishes on the Rapper’s Workout Regimen

Drake’s Personal Trainer Dishes on the Rapper’s Workout Regimen

Drake at Day 2 of Coachella

If you’re a fan of Drake or have at least been watching him over the past couple years, you might have noticed that something has changed. Is it the beard? No, he used to grow it and cut it, but it’s safe to say that the beard is here to stay for a while. Maybe, he’s dressing differently. That’s not it either. The change is his bigger appearance and those big guns on his arms that he’s been sporting lately.

The 30-year-old Canadian rapper has been beefing up his physique. He’s been hitting the gym and consistently working on getting his body the way he wants it. None of this is new or surprising. Couple years ago, the internet went wild when Drake threw out a few shirtless photos of himself on Instagram. He’s also posted pictures of himself working out in the past. Drake even appeared in an Apple Music commercial that required him to have on workout clothes and put in some work.

Now that Drake is noticeably bigger, people are starting to realize that his body has changed. It also help’s that he’s been showing off his big arms in tank tops during concerts. Unfortunately, not all of the credit for Drake’s bulking appear goes to the rapper himself. It’s time to give some shine to the man who helped build the rap temple that is Drake’s body, Jonny Roxx. Jonny is Drake’s personal trainer and long-term friend. The two Canadian natives have known each other for over 10 years.

Jonny Roxx
Jonny Roxx, Drake’s personal trainer

According to Jonny, Drake is focused and fun during their training sessions. He puts him through full workout programs depending on what Drake has going on. In general the two work on all-around fitness instead of just bodybuilding. However, if Drake has a movie or a tour there are programs that Jonny uses to help him accomplish his goals. Not too long ago Jonny created a program to slim him down 30 pounds because he wanted to look thin in suits. Now, the rapper wants to be bigger, and clearly, it’s working out for him.

During workouts, Drake loves to listen to good music. He’ll jam out to anything that will make him move and get him motivated. He also sometimes listens to his own music during a workout, but only things that he hasn’t released yet. While his body is putting in the work, his mind is constantly thinking about music. Jonny can tell just by looking at Dake’s face when his mind is still in work mode. He’s analyzing his lyrics to make sure that they sound right or decide if he wants to change them. He’s also thinking about music video concepts and other music related items.

Big Drake

Drake’s go-to exercises would be shoulder presses, pull-ups, muscle-ups, and he’ll always hit the incline bench. The only thing that Drake hates doing is burpees. Currently,  he’s working on building his endurance for the tour and getting rest. Last Summer Drake did 88 shows in 80 days during his Summer Sixteen tour. Last month, he ended his Boy Meets World Tour, which lasted from end of January to the end of March.


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