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The Drama Continues! The Fizz & Amanda Breakup Gets Even Messier!!

The Drama Continues! The Fizz & Amanda Breakup Gets Even Messier!!

lil-fizz-10-27-14-1If you watch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, you know that Fizz (Dreux) and Amanda have been going through a rough patch. Well, that’s on the show. In real life, they’re completely over! Fizz had been going through it with Amanda, after she repeatedly cheated on him with a guy in Miami. That guy is allegedly 22-year old Oakland Raiders baller, Jonathan Dowling. It’s funny to me that Amanda is with Jonathan, who has a newborn baby, when she ran from the responsibility of Kameron; Fizz’s son. Maybe it was Fizz’s approach? Many people on Twitter compared him to a single mother, saying he shouldn’t have been pushing his son so hard on everyone. I agree, to a certain degree. There’s nothing wrong with needing to be with a woman who will love you and your child, because I won’t date a man who can’t see himself in my daughter’s life. However, the approach was all wrong.

We all watched Fizz beg Amanda to stop cheating on him and be a family woman *scoffs*, and he must’ve finally woken up because he went on the radio and called her a THOT. Now, for those unaware, “thot” stands for “that hoe over there”. We knew Amanda was a hoe, Fizz knew, and now he wants Amanda to know that he knows that we know. It was a mess! Amanda clapped back like we expected her to, via Instagram, SMH.

10817676_871523729535153_1868816393_nI have to give her credit, the girl knows how to read honey! But blasting him that deep was uncalled for. I mean, the man didn’t want his son living just anywhere so I’m sure he wasn’t sleeping in a bed with ants and roaches. And to blast him for having an EBT card? Girl! If you can get them, get them! Might as well. Okay, seriously though, Amanda was obviously hurt by the “thot” comment and she lashed out like most women do.

Fizz didn’t react with exposing her, but he exposed himself and his living arrangements. In the video below, he shows off his house with a view, and a waterfall. Oh, and flashes a couple hundreds and says “EBT?”

Personally, I think Fizz is too cute for all of this and he appears to be a good father based on not only the show, but how his baby’s mother came to his defense after Amanda popped off. I wish the 4 of them the best, and if Fizz is about that life we can go on ahead and get this blended family thing going. My daughter is about to be 6, perfect big sister for Kam. I’m just saying…



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