DudeRobe Campaign Hopes to Update the Male Robe Game


A couple of weeks ago the world (at least online) was constantly chattering about male rompers. The discussion came from an online campaign for RompHim, a company raising money to produce designs for male rompers. Even though the idea was nothing new, it started a huge discussion about men’s style and fashion. Now another campaign has come about that seeks to change casual apparel for men, DudeRobe.

Apparently, DudeRobes think that the traditional function and design for men’s robes are outdated. The company seeks to create designs for male loungewear lined with towel-like materials to properly absorb moisture. The apparel is ideal for after a shower, after workouts, and after some much-needed beach time. More importantly, men can be comfortable after these activities and move on with their day.


The line of towel-lined apparel comes with shorts, pants, hoodies, and an updated robe. As previously stated all of the designs are towel-lined on the inside and for the hoodie and robe, the hood is also lined as well. The robe is above the knee length with deep pockets on the outside and an extra pocket on the inside.

The campaign for Dude Robe is available on Kickster and Indiegogo. The New York-based startup has been able to raise over $60,000 so far. The designs have been in the works for two years and originated from 6 Wal-Mart towels. Now the company is simply trying to come up with the capital to pay manufacturers to make the product since most of them require a minimum.

People can pledge as much or as little as they want to the company. However, people start pledging $50 or more they can get products as a return on their gesture. $49 will get you the DudeRobe Shorts which retail for $65. Pledge $54 and you will get the pants that retail for $70. Want the DudeRobe Classic Robe, that will cost you $74, which will go for $95 once it’s produced and sold.

Martel Sharpe

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