Duke Win Means Tony Romo Has To Win A Super Bowl



Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo may have made a promise that he can’t keep. Romo made a promise to Duke Blue Devil Jahlil Okafor around a year ago that if he won a national championship, he would snatch a Super Bowl championship. Here is the picture Okafor posted 13 months ago on Instagram of the two with the following caption:


“Selfie with Tony Romo last night at the Duke game. Said he’s apart of the Duke fam too. Our deal is for me to win a national championship next year and for him to win the Super Bowl. #Duke #Cowboys #ItsJustDifferent

Well, despite Okafor getting into foul trouble early in the game, the Duke Blue Devils still pulled off a close win against the Wisconsin Badgers for the national title. So now it is time for Romo to pay up what he owes: a Super Bowl.

Romo and the Cowboys came pretty close to snagging a Super Bowl last season during an impressive run. They were stop short by Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers (Ironically, Rodgers is a Badgers fan) in a close NFC semi-finals conference game that came down to a very controversial call. This year may be a little tougher being that the big reason for their success, running back Demarco Murray, is no longer with the team. But with Dez Bryant and that unbreakable offensive line making a return, Romo may be able to honor his promise.


Brandon Jordan

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