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Dull No More!

Tired of looking dry and dull? EXFOLIATE!!


The best way to have a glow is to do away with dull and dry skin. Underneath all of that dead weight is fresh and baby soft skin waiting. The best way to get rid of the old skin is to exfoliate.


When you exfoliate your skin regularly, you will be able to consistently have a lovely glow. Your skin is the biggest organ and it is always producing new skin cells. When they, the dead cells, are not removed, your skin looks dull and you can even run into issues with pores getting clogged. By removing the skin that is no longer good, the soft and new skin will show and the texture of your skin will improve too. Let’s look at some ways to get that glowing, baby soft skin:



Using a facial scrub is a great place to start. If you are new to exfoliating, no need to worry because there are plenty of options. You can purchase a scrub that has rice, sugars, salt, or nutshells. These items are small and can buff away the dead skin. After washing, while your face is still damp, apply the scrub and work it into a circular motion. Once finish, rinse off the scrub, tone and moisturize.

Sugar face polish


Luckily, you don not always have to run to the spa or dermatologist to get microdermabrasion. There are plenty of devices you can use at home to remove the dead layer of skin. Keep in mind that these devices can cause irritation or damage, if not properly used.

pmd personal microderm

Chemical Peels

As the name suggest, a chemical peel is a topical application of a chemical, usually an acid, that causes peeling of the skin. This procedure also removes the dead layer of skin to reveal supple baby soft skin. Depending on the type of peel and the concentration of the acid, there may be some downtime. When going on the road of chemical peels, it is advised that you research and consult with a professional.

tca peel

After you have picked your method to exfoliate, don’t forget to follow up with an alcohol-free toner and a good moisturizer. Once this step is added to your skincare routine, you may notice that your skin looks better and feels better. It is always okay to seek the advice of a professional, such as a licensed dermatologist. Don’t be shocked if you are bombarded with compliments of glowing skin.


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