Dupes 2: Save Your Coins

Take a look at some new dupes for you to use to get great results!


Who doesn’t want to save some coins and still get great results? Sure, if you have the money to indulge in a certain splurge item, go for it. However, if you want to save up for something else, or you just don’t like to spend too much money, keep reading.


24k Gold Facial Oil

If you have seen a lot of makeup videos on Instagram, you know that 2 products literally had everyone “crying.” Farsali’s Unicorn Essence and 24k Gold Oil were all over IG. The downside is the price point. $54 is the cost of the full-size bottle for the two previously mentioned is a lot. If you want to get the luxurious experience of applying 24k gold to your skin, go to Ulta to try their dupe of the Farsali oil. It’s practically half the price.



Metallic Peeling Mask

One of the most popular companies out there is Glamglow. They really became noticeable when they launched their Gravitymud firming treatment. But who really wants to pay $59 for a mask that you end up peeling off? Try I Dew Care Disco Kitten Mask. It is the best dupe for the Gravitymud and it does the same thing. Enjoy the savings!


Facial Toner

There is nothing more refreshing than a nice toner to help rebalance your pH. If you don’t feel the need to fork over $40 for the Herbivore toner, try Pure Tropix Green Ginger Toner. For half the price, you can cleanse, tone and simply refresh your face with organic ingredients and still get an expensive glow. Talk about a win-win!


Try one or try them all. Either way, you get to look good and save money. Enjoy your savings of the above mentioned dupes.

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