The Switch Up! Transitioning Your Favorite Looks Into Fall: Dusters and Wrap Dresses

When spring and summer end what will you miss the most? Is it the spring flowers or the hot summer sun? Perhaps, it’s the fashion trends, from biker shorts, sundresses, and rompers. If you ever wondered how you can bring the spring and summer to fall, here are two looks that are perfect for those of us who hate to let go. Here, two pieces to transition for fall, dusters and wrap dresses!

There’s nothing dusty about these Dusters!

Image of 4 women in dusters
Left Summer Duster and Right Fall dusters-Images Pinterest

Dusters are one of the most transparent and versatile looks for the spring summer, fall, and winter. There is never a time that is not perfect for a duster. It is perfect in a solid dark and neutral colors for the fall.  Dusters can be worn casually for work or on a date, with denim for an outing or just to simply lounge around your home. Regardless, of how you rock your duster it provides comfort and style.

The Wrap-Around Dress, Long or Short.

Image of 2 women in wrap dresses
Left Summer Wrap dress Right Wrap dress for Fall- Image Pintrest

A wrap-around dress is perfect for work or a date. This year many celebrities have worn silky long or short wrap dresses for both summer and fall. Check out some of our favorite wrap-around dresses for any accusation.  These dresses will be sure to wrap him around your finger!

Kontrol two favorite looks to transition into fall are not the only eligible for re-dos in fall. Floral print, open-toe sandals with socks and high-split skirts are some of Kontrol approved for fall, to name a few.  You can find similar look pictured above in HM, Macy’s Nordstroms, ASOS, Fashion Nova and multiple brands, it just takes a little patience and shopping.

So, let’s end 2017 with a bang and rule the Fall.

Shanice Shantelle

Fashion Writer

Fashion writer for Kontrol. Has previously interned as a reporter for local newspaper in North Carolina. While, freelancing for 2 independent social media blogs as social marketer and writer. Shanice is continuing to perfect her writing craft and gain exposure for more opportunities within entertainment and media.

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