Dwayne Johnson The Comedian???

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: actor, former pro wrestler, lady’s man, and now, Comedian?? That’s right! The man of man trades tried his hands at stand-up comedy. Although Dwayne has played in a few comedy films and has always been a funny character as “The Rock” back in his professional wrestling days, it was his very first stand-up performance at, where else, the iconic IMPROV stage in Hollywood. In his stand-up routine, he pokes fun at himself wearing a fanny pack and turtle neck and makes “hobbit porn” jokes….yeah…let your imagination run wild. The A-list actor posted a picture of his performance on his Instagram page and claims it went pretty well. I’m sure it did; I mean, who is really going to tell “The Rock” he sucks to his face??


Brandon Jordan

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