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Dwight Howard Can’t Catch A Break!

Dwight Howard Can’t Catch A Break!

Dwight Howard just can’t catch a break! First news of his 6th child, with his 2nd baby Mama breaks, then his team loses the Western Conference Playoffs, and now the Internet is buzzing of his alleged hotel party with teenyboppers! Where are your friends Mr. Howard? Someone needs to direct you to the nearest Lazy-Boy for the seat you so desperately need to have. Allegedly Dwight has flown these young girls out to Florida, and for whatever reason “Debbie” has decided to air Howard’s dirty laundry. The young females shown in the photos are obviously nowhere near 18. The tall statuesque gentlemen photographed with these children has an awfully uncanny resemblance to Dwight , and there has been no word from him, or a representative to say otherwise.

DWIGHT HOWARD dwighthotel3 dwighthotel-1 Dwight2blur

The young girl that leaked the photos in questions, allegedly named Debbie, has also taken to twitter tweeting “Finna F*** his life up up up up”, as well as posting a screenshot of text messages that may or may not be a conversation between herself and Dwight Howard. JUST MESSY!




Everyone has been wondering where Howards Girlfriend and newest All-Star on the Howard “Baby Mama” Roster, Christine Vest has been? The Gospel Artist is no stranger to Scandal herself. After receiving much backlash for having a child out of wedlock she penned an open later to her critics.



 “I’m sorry, but I just have to address all the …people… that consider “having a child out of wedlock” a “sin.” Having fornication is the sin, people.FORNICATION.

(Is it a sin to adopt a child while still single? No!)

Therefore, anybody else who has FORNICATED needs to shut ur mouth on this issue because you sound dumb.

ABORTION is the sin. Should I have aborted my child to appear as tho I’m not sinning? (Honestly) Anyone who has had an abortion to cover up their sin of fornication needs to shut your mouth on this issue because you sound dumb. The only people that can even SPEAK on this issue are VIRGINS!

And even then, THEY SIN TOO!

If you want to rebuke me for fornicating, thanks, but I have repented already. But if you’re trying to hurt me by criticizing my choice to KEEP MY CHILD, then you’re worse than me and wasting you’re time because to me YOU LOOK FOOLISH! 🙂

Thanks For Reading”Christine-Vest 


 And there you have it! One can only imagine what these two are dealing with now. Hopefully Dwight can get himself under Kontrol, he clearly needs just a little mo’ Jesus!


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