Dwyane Wade Bares it All for ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue

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Body image is not just something women are plagued with – men are affected by it too. The way one sees themselves can be totally different than what everyone else sees and sometimes, not liking the way we look can hinder us. Congratulations are in order for NBA superstar Dwyane Wade who has finally stripped down to his birthday suit on the latest cover of ESPN the Magazine‘s Body Issue.

The Miami Heat guard explains why he’s been so reluctant to strip down:

I was just never comfortable until about four years ago, when I started feeling comfortable with my body overall. As you go through life, you get more comfortable with yourself. It’s like everything else with life—you change, you grow. People might think it’s simple, but for me it was hard to even feel comfortable walking around naked when it’s just me and my wife. So the thought of doing it at a photo shoot in front of people [laughs]—it was like, “No way ever.”

D Wade

D. Wade also discusses the importance of working hard on his body now that he is older:

I work hard on my body, man. I’m 34 now; it doesn’t come as easy as it did when I was 21, 22. I have to work at it now, where it used to be something that just came natural. Now I have to put in so many hours, but it makes me feel good to see the finished product. Like I said, being 34 but still being talked about — to me, that’s great, and it shows a lot about my hard work.

I’m always trying to stay lean because it shows more definition in my muscles. I try to make sure I have no love handles — got to make sure of that — and that I have low body fat. Because I can put on a few pounds pretty fast. I love to eat. I’m one of those guys who’s low-key, but I’m a fat boy at heart, man, when I’m eating. To me that’s kind of like my happy place: a great burger, fries and a soda. It’s easy for me to pack pounds on, but it’s easy for me to get them off at the same time.

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