Easy Ways to Ensure a Healthier and More Confident You This Year

You might have been promising yourself for a while that you were going to get yourself in shape and get on top of your health and life goals. Pretty soon though, regular life always seems to get in the way, and before you know it, another year has rolled past while you’re still the same old you.


If you’re keen to get yourself into shape and tackle those personal goals you’ve had on your list, then read on. It’s much easier than you think to take care of yourself with a few careful daily steps. Here are a few great suggestions that you can start putting into practice, to be the best version of you.


Start every day with a little quiet time


If most mornings start with a frantic rush to get out of bed on time and get yourself sorted out in a race against the clock, then this should be your first port of call on the list of things to change.


Giving yourself some quiet time every morning might sound impossible, especially when you’ve got kids, a partner or pets to deal with, but it comes with huge rewards that make the effort well worth it. And best of all, you don’t really need to spend hours meditating or journaling at the crack of dawn to feel the benefits.


Practicing just five minutes of meditation regularly has been found to reduce stress levels, improve mood, energy and productivity. So, aim to get out of bed a little earlier each morning and set aside some quiet time to yourself. You can meditate, read, practice some breathing exercises or gentle stretches and reap the rewards of a much more positive start to your day.


Learn to enjoy healthy food


Most of us know that what we put on our plates has a huge effect on the rest of our lives, and it’s not just a matter of staying trim and fit.


If you’re living on a diet of fast food, lots of processed meals, meat, caffeine and sugar, then chances are, you’re not going to be feeling your finest. However, a crash diet or punishing yourself with a regime of food you don’t enjoy for a short while won’t deliver long-term results.


Take the time to explore fresh food and discover what you enjoy. Check out recipes, video tutorials and other ways to help you reconnect with what’s in your kitchen and what goes on your plate, to help you make healthier and sustainable choices that are nourishing and make you happy.


Take a look in the mirror


How you look has a big part to play in your level of self-confidence, and tackling your appearance can be a great step in becoming a more confident and assertive person. Give yourself a little time to take a closer look at yourself and decide honestly what you’d like to improve and what you’re happy with.


You might be seeing the signs of hair loss making its mark, in which case, it might be time to take a look at hair growth shampoos, or even hair restoration experts such as Dr Ekrem Civas. Or you might just need to pay a visit to a salon and get your grooming under control.


Looking good in your own body isn’t just about personal vanity but can actually have much deeper consequences. It can help boost your energy, self-esteem and self-worth, making you a happier and more assertive person.


Review your wardrobe


If you’ve been wearing the same old things day in and day out, then now’s the perfect time to enlist a more stylish and sharp-eyed friend and head out on a little wardrobe overhaul expedition.


From stylish workout gear to the perfect casual date night outfit and work wear options, what you wear speaks volumes about you. Make sure that your wardrobe choices are saying the right thing.


Get more active


Lastly, make the time and effort to get more active every day.


The benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle are well-known, from improving your life span and keeping you in shape, to increasing energy and alertness levels, and even alleviating mental health issues.


You don’t need to hit the tracks or the gym each night either. Simply making time to move more can help you, such as offering to take the dog for a walk or choosing to bike instead of drive.



Julian R. Lark is a distinguished entrepreneur and award-winning stylist, sought after for his take on classic glamour. Having over a decade of experience coupled with a degree in Fashion, Lark has made himself an integral part in creating breathtaking moments for countless Hollywood celebrities. As a tastemaker in fashion, he has launched an online boutique and showroom in Atlanta to make breathtaking moments accessible to his growing audience. Julian forged his own path by creating the nationally published Kontrol Magazine as Editor-in-chief and lead stylist. He has crafted memorable moments for Hollywood icons like Anita Baker, Lynn Whitefield, Toni Braxton and Lil’ Kim. He’s been called upon to work on projects for numerous studios and networks including FX, Netflix, Bravo, OWN, WeTV and VH1. Press features of his work include Huffington Post, People, US Weekly, E! News, The View, and The Wendy Williams Show. In addition to his work as a stylist, in 2014 Julian launched his first stylist class, which is designed to help aspiring stylist learn how to build a successful career in the industry. Continuing to leverage his audience he has launched his own cosmetics line, and agency for stylist. Julian has proven himself to be a creative visionary and industry zealot. His drive, coupled with his uncanny ability to empower through fashion and style will undoubtedly ensure constant growth, both personally and professionally, in fashion and beyond.

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