Edited: Lips Style

Have a problem with the way your lips look? Want to slightly alter them without going the Kylie Jenner route? You can try some different tips and tricks that will help “edit” the way your lips look without the cosmetic surgery or sucking your lips into a glass!

Depending on what your lips look like what you would like to make a correction to will tell you which tip and or trick you need to use. Luscious lips are what all women are longing for. That’s why lip plumping and Botox injections are so hot and have been for years. To avoid the hassle of cosmetic surgery all you simply have to do is learn how to do your make up a certain way.

So let’s just say you have a much thinner upper lip try bringing your lipstick just above your natural lip line.

Or for instance if your lips are unequally proportioned then fill in your lips with lipstick as needed to even them out and create a new shape.

A Cupid’s bow can be toned down with a little foundation. Just use it to create a new line.

Cheer up your droopy lips by reshaping your mouth with lipstick.

If your bottom lip is a little pouty then keep lipstick well within your natural lip line.

A protruding bottom lip can be toned down with lipstick and foundation by reshaping and drawing a new outline.

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