Elaine Cato; The orginal backless bra inventor!

Today, if you hear the statement backless bra; what comes to your mind. I know! The #1 best-selling bra is the country. The sculpt bra, which is sold by countless retailers. But, this backless bra invention isn’t the first. Learn, know and remember the name Elaine Cato.

Image of Elaine Cato
Elaine Cato

Like many innovators before her Elaine created a backless bra with straps in 2007. But, popularity for her inventions didn’t reached the peak of the current trending backless bra. Though her backless creation may not have been the talk of the country, it has made Ms. Cato a very successful business woman and featured on Black Enterprise. According to elainecato.com success is defining a trademark Cato has left for many years. The former Miss Tennessee State, Nashville native and member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. has a trail with anything less of success on her resume!

Make use of your God given talents to create life changing opportunities.
-Elaine Fisher Cato

Image of Elaine Cato holding invention backless bra
Black Enterprise November 2010 cover shoot; behind the scenes images.

And, Elaine Cato’s goal is to make women of all shapes and sizes feel sexy while providing comfort.

What makes Elaine Cato backless bras different from the backless sculpt bra? Ms.. Cato invention includes straps, which provide support and is perfect for tops or dress that expose your backside. And, if your too heavy such as myself and many other straps is a must have!

Image of backlesssculp bra nude and black
Sculpt Bra by The Perfect Sculpt

The sculpt bra doesn’t provide strap support but, it has been represented and said to create all support needed. Making this backless bra perfect for tube tops or tops or dress exposing your shoulders. After countless amount of research on the creator of the backless sculpt bra it was difficult to find one. There are many organizations and small retailers selling and advertising this product. And, this product has been worn by celebrities from Tiny Harris, Amber Rose, Evelyn Lozada and many more.

Senior fashion editor Andrea Young stated, “This is a bra I live by.” I’m am sure to make ever women in need of a little extra support fully aware of Elaine Cato’s backless bra.

With fashion week around the corner, I’m sure Elaine Cato and the sculpt backless bra is perfect for stylish women working their own runway.

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