Elevate Your Jeans in 2018

Our favorite style movement: Jeans with Heels.

No matter the occasion, elevate your jeans in 2018 the right way.  From date night, work days, or an outing with your ladies no stylish fit can beat a pair of jeans and heels. Many say opposites attract, which is good for us in this case. As there is no limit to the styling or pairing of this perfect duo.

Many times as women we don’t feel like putting on a skirt or dress. So, why not dress up this staple. The possibilities are endless. Not only will this stylish trend give you major length, but elevate your jeans to new heights. Deemed as every fashion editor’s go-to, this pairing is a simple styling trick and eye-catching. This season has been all about skinny jeans, cropped jeans, and mom jeans. A stylish and reliable essential in every wardrobe. Although a masculine look, the heels add a feminine touch to your look. But, choosing the right heel is especially important.

Pairing heels with a pair of skinny jeans. Elevate your jeans by cuffing them to show off your ankles. Don’t be afraid to show off your entire shoe, especially with a colored patterned heel.

Unique among its own versatile combinations, here are 8 stylish ways to elevate your jeans in 2018. 

Elevate your Jeans in 2018:


Statement Chic


These boots were made for walkin’

Photo: The Fashion Tag

Embrace the Nude

Photo: Pinterest

Daisy Dukes

Photo: The Daileigh

Keep it Cute

Photo: Who What Wear/ Pinterest

Always Leather

Photo: Marie Claire/Pinterest

Details and Essentials

Photo: Kuba Dabrowski

Denim meets Denim

Photo by Tal Rubin

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