The Perfect Bag for The Kontrol Fashionista

Question! Is it too late for summer accessories to have their moment? Elizabeth Laine has the answer.

Photographed by Brandon Foster

Regardless of what you say, I don’t think there is anything wrong with highlighting some last-minute summer staples that may just seamlessly transition into your fall and winter style. After all, what kind of stylish chick abides by the rules anyway! We always seem to tastefully find a place for our favorites no matter the weather.


Photographed by Brandon Foster


Okay, So enough with the stalling. My little but not to late staple is this super cute Poppy 2way Belt and Shoulder Bag by Elizabeth Laine. This whole belt bag ideal has been poppin ever since granny fanny packs, but the new spin on it is so chic and stylish. Celebs such as Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian have been spotted serving fanny belt bag realness. The cool thing about the Poppy 2way Bag is that it’s not a puffed-up pouch that droops over your tummy ( but don’t get it twisted, fanny packs will forever be a retro look.) Instead, this bag has a square structured shape that can effortlessly provide a posh aesthetic and conveniently go from one look to the next.


Photographed by Brandon Foster


What I love most about the bag is that it gives a girl options and everyone knows us fashionistas love some options. I reveled in the convenience of being able to go from belt bag to shoulder bag. I decided to rock it as a shoulder bag but also transitioned to belt bag when I needed comfort without sacrificing style. But wait, did we talk about the color. How cute is this beaming blue leather with contrasting gold-tone hardware? I absolutely love gold-tone hardware! My favorite colors to pair are blue and yellow and this bag fits the mold of my preferences perfectly.


Photography by Brandon Foster

The best part is that it comes in black and salmon as well. I totally love how it feels. The leather is oh so soft and rich. Although I rocked mine with my favorite ripped jeans and white button down, I can already think of about 10 other ways to incorporate this efficiently trendy bag into my wardrobe. Whether hot or cold, it will definitely be a look. Elizabeth Laine, you got any more of those bags?