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Empire- “Chimes At Midnight”

Empire- “Chimes At Midnight”

Empire begins with Angelo arriving to see Cookie for a morning date. She has to cancel, however, due to a crisis Tiana is having. Angelo continues to try and get frisky with her. Again, wanting to take their relationship to the next level, but she turns him down not wanting to let their first time be while he is campaigning for mayor. Just as he leaves for work, she sends him a nude selfie. Surprisingly, her phone begins to play Tiana’s single. When she clicks it, it becomes a corpse version of her. Meanwhile, Anika sings to Bella trying to calm her. Lucious, instead plays her a lullaby from his tablet. He tells Anika he is arranging for her to become the new head of A&R for Shine’s label. Suddenly, Tiana’s single begins to play on his tablet and when he tries to stop it, a message appears revealing he has been hacked. At Empire, all the Lyons soon real they have been hacked. The hacker demands one million dollars be wired to offshore account or things would get much worst. Andre brings in a tech expert to combat the hacker. Lucious demands and threatens the man to stop the hacker by day’s end. Meanwhile Jamal works on new music with D. Major, but is suffering from withdrawal from not taking his pain medication. Hakeem and Nessa record new music, the former continues to try and win her over from Andre.

taraji p. henson

The Board calls a meeting, suggesting they give into the hacker’s demands. Lucious, Cookie, and Andre are against it with th latter revealing some evidence of money laundering has come to light. Andre reveals Vernon would use company funds to pay for prostitutes, but that he helped him cover it up. One of the board members expect Andre to resign for his culpability but he reveals that two other members of the board have also been paying for sex with company funds. They all agree to follow The Lyons’ lead. Cookie goes to calm Tiana down after Graham makes a mean video degrading her and their sex life. Soon, however, things get much worst as employee emails are leaked and Tarik arrives with the FBI in tow. They have all the employees turn in their old phones and get new ones, but the hacker soon posts Cookie’s nude picture for everyone to see!

lucious lyon

Lucious goes on a manhunt for the hacker. They make a list of possible suspects, and Vaughn (French Montana) is top on the list.

Lucious and Andre confront him about attempts to try and buy Empire Extreme from under them, but do not come up with any proof of his involvement.

Angelo meets with Cookie at her apartment, there she breaks up with him telling him that she could not live with herself if being with her cost him the election. They both depart heartbroken. Xavier becomes wary of music blogs condemning Tiana’s leaked single and asks Becky for help. She initially refuses, until he tells her he will get her back on Tiana’s team and give her the props for fixing everything. Becky pulls a favor from Angie Martinez to debut Starlight on her show and explain that the leaked single was an unfinished demo.

tobias truvillion
Derek AKA “D-Major”

Lucious gives Andre a list of employees he wants fired for disloyalty, just as the hacker invades their system and gains access to all their assets, music, and propriety. Andre has the security team do a sweep of the entire building and they find a remote login device in Tiana’s studio.   She tells them no one has been there but her, her girls, and Graham. She reveals that he does have the capability to be a great hacker. Lucious and Andre show up in Graham’s house unannounced and accuse him of the hacking. Graham tells them he did not do it, but confirms everything bad he said about the Lyons. They search his computer and find evidence pointing to him being the hacker. Lucious has Shine deal with him. D. Major arrives at the studio to work with Jamal and finds him there with Phillip discussing his personal problems. When the latter leaves he plays Jamal the single he has been working on but the hacker deletes all the tracks they have been working on. Jamal feels it may be for the best since he wasn’t feeling the songs, but D. suggests he take a pill because he isn’t looking well. That night, Jamal decides to give into his addiction and calls D. over to keep him company. When he arrives Jamal is upbeat and they talk about his music and hook up.

D. wakes up after having sex with Jamal and find he has overdosed. He calls Phillip for help, not wanting the blogs to find out what has happened. They get him into the shower and finally comes around. Elsewhere, Andre is named President of Empire Extreme. Hakeem and Nessa perform on stage together. Hakeem notices she is singing to Andre and continues to try and come between them. Cookie watches on television as Angelo defends her and any woman who has ever been violated. He even goes shirtless in solidarity. Later that night, Andre takes Nessa to a secret location to reveal he arranged for Vaughn to hack Empire! He tells her that he trusts her and believes Ronda would approve of them being a power couple together.


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