Empire-“False Imposition”

Lucius begins “Empire” riding Hakeem about what he wants to be successful. Cookie interrupts his tirade, demanding a better office and full benefits for her assistant. Hakeem tells her he is going to outdo Jamal, she in turn tells him to stop rapping about the street life. Especially since he knows nothing about it. Lucius demands she leaves and tries to shift the focus back to making Empire bigger. Later, Tianna pays Cookie a visit, wanting her to listen to her song. She inquires about her experience, preferring her opinion over Anika’s based on her street cred. Cookie finds it delightful and promises to take her to the top. Lucius continues to ride Hakeem and tells him he needs him in the studio making new music. He tells him he has passes to see Titan, the hottest rapper in the game. Lucius reveals why he is so hot–his work ethic! He gives Hakeem’s passes to Becky. At the concert, Becky enjoys herself until she witnesses a run in between Titan and a rival gang member. The two exchange gunfire and Titan is arrested.

Bryshere Gray as "Hakeem Lyon"
Bryshere Gray as “Hakeem Lyon”


At home, Lucius finds it amazing Titan has been locked up and no one has gotten him bail. His ALS begins to affect him when he tries to shave. He reveals his conditon to Anika and the time he has left. She tearfully helps him shave. Anika arrives in the conference room to find Cookie leading a meeting and announcing she is taking over as Tianna’s manager. Anika is not happy with her decision, but moves on with business. She announces they must find a new and big talent to take over Fo-Fo’s spot. They feel they need someone like Titan, but Lucius actually wants Titan! Cookie takes over the meeting while Anika and Lucius talk. Anika feels she can get Titan for the company, but Lucius feels it is not safe. She insists she can get it done. Andre, Vernon, and a company lawyer advise him against going after Titan, fearing it could be viewed by the business world as poaching and they fear Beretti’s wrath. Lucius arranges for he and Anika to meet with Titan’s manager and advises Cookie to tend to Jamal.


Cookie visits Jamal in his new apartment. It rundown and hood. He refuses the money she offers him. She tells him he needs new songs, but he reveals the stress of his life has given him writer’s block. She tells him the best music his father ever made was when they lived in a similar place in Philadelphia. Anika closes a deal with The Teen Choice Awards and Lucius meets with Tianna and Hakeem wanting them to perform a duet. Hakeem is resistant, feeling it is not his style, but does it for Tianna. Cookie goes to visit Titan’s mother, who is heavily involved with the Nation of Islam. The two women bond over the hardships of motherhood. Titan’s mother reveals the gang member he shot burned down the community center he learned music in. Cookie assures her that Empire can help her son. Det. Walker pays Lucius a visit and questions his whereabouts the night of Bunkie’s murder. In a flashback it is revealed Andre has covered for his father before. He does so again, providing an alibi for him. Vernon know something is awry.  Lucius and Anika meet with Titan’s manager but negotiations are cut short when they are nearly shot in a drive by. Lucius refuses to keep Anika involved. Beretti warns Lucius about going after Titan, promising to bury him and Empire if he does.


Hakeem visits Jamal and gives him a check for their performance at Leviticus. Jamal refuses it and tells Lucius he will to be more valuable than him. Tianna finds Hakeem in the tub with Camilla. Later, they kill their performance and she reveals she does not care about his affair. Lucius visits Titan in prison and convinces him to sign with him after offering to rebuild his community center and protect his legacy. He even gives him a phone to record on. Hakeem revealed he took Cookie’s advice about performing, but closes the door on them ever having a relationship. Lucius thanks Cookie for her help, realizing they are still a great team.



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