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Empire- “Unto The Breach”

Empire- “Unto The Breach”

Empire  begins with a huge revelation as Cookie and Porsha interrupt Lucious and Anika’s meeting with their wedding planner to inform him of his fiancee’s treachery. Apparently, Porsha spied on Anika instead of Cookie as the former hoped. Immediately the women begin throwing her clothes out of the house. Lucious demands to know what she has done. She refuses to tell him and arranges for a ride to pick her up. He warns her that not telling him what he needs to know about betraying him to Beretti could cost her, her life! He also tells her if she tells Beretti aboout his ALS and his IPO fails then her father will go down for fraud. At Empire Entertainment, the Lyons (minus Andre) and their staff scramble to recruit new artists and secure artists that may be trying to leave with Anika. Lucious moves forward with trying to get Titan released, while Cookie goes to keep one of their rappers and Jamal tries to recruit a platinum-selling artist, Delphine. Elsewhere, Andre continues to unravel and pours his medications down the toilet!



Anika has Veronica audition for Beretti. He is sold on her and convinces her they will do far more for her than Lucious ever did. Beretti tries to come on to Anika and asks for information that can bury Lucious, but she keeps his secret and tells him she wants their relationship to remain professional. Cookie returns to the hood studio where Jamal recorded his single and proves her might by drinking all the thugs there under the table, convincing the artist to stay. Jamal and Delphine instantly connect and perform a song together. She is interested in signing with Empire, but only if she works with him and gets to meet Lucious. Andre finally shows up to work with a suitcase of money in tow and tells the staff to offer all the managers and artists incentives. He and Hakeem go along with Lucious to meet with their resident rock star, who is fed up with the high costs of making music and wants to keep his money for himself. Andre, albeit wildly and brilliantly, convinces him they can make more money together than he ever dreamed. Lucious notices somethings is off with his oldest son. Back at Empire, Hakeem questions his father about not letting him help, Lucious assures him he is training him to run the company by watching. They learn one of their artist is meeting with Beretti and is soon to fly out. Lucious cannot locate Andre and tells them to have him meet him with the cash.


Jamal and Hakeem run into Andre in the elevator and find he has spent the money on a car and clothing. They berate him for his irresponsibility and he lashes out at them, reminding them he has always been the one to take care of things even before Empire existed. They calm him down by singing Lean On Me to him, just as he would when they were younger to comfort them. Meanwhile, Lucious ignores Jamal’s calls about Delphine. They learn Anika is coming for Tianna and Cookie asks Hakeem to come with her. She also encourages Lucious to hear Jamal out about Delphine. Father and son face off as Jamal reminds him that when crisis arrives families put their differences aside.  Lucious has security detain Andre and leaves to stop his artist from leaving. Beretti and his men block Lucious and his security from reaching him. Things heat up as the two sides reach a standoff and Beretti pulls a gun on him. Lucious reminds him just how less than pitiful he is and leaves. Later, Lucious  relents and meets with Delphine. Hakeem and his crew stall Anika as she convinces Tianna to stay with Empire. She agrees to if Hakeem will be with her again. He declares he is in love with Camilla, but considers her his family. Delphine is honored when Lucious performs You’re So Beautiful with she, Jamal, Hakeem, Tianna, and Cookie. Back at Empire, Rhonda tries to calm Andre down but breaks down! The paramedics arrive to hospitalize him and even have to sedate him! Lucious is hurt.


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