Nick Cannon’s Over the Claims that He’s Creeping with Amber Rose

You ain’t got to lie Craig, you ain’t got to lie!

Many still find it hard to believe that Nick Cannon and Amber Rose aren’t each other’s rebounds when they’re constantly spotted cozying up on “ business outings” every other day. So the soap opera continues as the recently single pair continues to bat allegations that their relationship is more than just a paycheck.

In the latest saga, Nick tells TMZ that he’s not creeping with Amber Rose and assures us that he draws a fine line between business and pleasure. “Would I be out there at amusement parks and all over the place with somebody that I was trying to creep with? Nah, that’s just my people!”

It’s ok, Nick, we get it. Managers often take their clients on private roller coaster rides. But if you’re really innocent, stop wasting time trying to explain why you’re not guilty.


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