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Entertainment Mogul Damon Dash Presents the Dash Diabetes Network

Entertainment Mogul Damon Dash Presents the Dash Diabetes Network

Damon Dash
Courtesy of Dash Diabetes Network

Music mogul and successful entrepreneur, Damon Dash, is introducing his newest business venture, the Dash Diabetes Network (DDN) presented by Afrezza. Launched in August of this year, DDN is a product of Dash joining forces with the MannKind Corporation. The company is recognized as the producer of Afrezza, the only inhaled insulin that helps control the blood sugar of adult diabetics during mealtime.

DDN is literally a community for diabetics and their caretakers. Its primary function is to showcase the lifestyles of diabetics and provide them with information on how to live better lives. Through the use of different sources, the network gives everyday people access to a wealth of information on medical innovations, nutrition, fitness, and wellness tips.

The network also acts as a community for diabetics to share their experiences with each other. Artists, musicians, filmmakers, medical professionals, and holistic practitioners also contribute to DDN and benefit from its value as well. The hope is that this overflowing well of helpful knowledge will aid in spreading awareness about diabetes and help dispel any misconceptions that uninformed people may fall prey to.

Damon Dash
Courtesy of Dash Diabetes Network

Known for his contributions to the entertainment industry, Dash has spent over 30 years of his life in music, fashion, and film. One of his greatest achievements was being the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, along with infamous rapper and fellow business mogul Jay-Z. His affiliation in music has led to several entrepreneurial ventures, in and outside of the music industry.

However, through all of his major achievements in life, he simultaneously had to deal with being a diabetic. At age 15, he was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic, which is most severe and less prevalent form of diabetes. Most people are Type 2 diabetics. The difference between the two is the fact that Type 1 diabetics cannot produce insulin and are normally diagnosed at a young age. People who are Type 2 diabetics can produce insulin, however, their bodies don’t use it properly. Also, Type 2 diabetics normally receive their diagnosis sometime after 35. Only 5% of the people with diabetes are Type 1 diabetics.

Now 46, Dash sees DDN as an opportunity to also share his point-of-view, which consists of 30 years of experience living with diabetes. He expresses that every day he learns something new about his condition. He also discovers new ways to deal with living as a diabetic.

Damon Dash
Courtesy of Dash Diabetes Network

Two of the best ways of coping with diabetes for him are diet and exercise. He’s improved his lifestyle by eliminating meat, and more importantly deciding to only consume organic foods. Dash expresses that meat is the number one cause of diabetes; more so the unnatural things that are incorporated in the sources of meat that are consumed daily. According to him, a GMO (genetically modified organism) free diet is the best way to go. He also recognizes that fitness plays a major role in keeping his diabetes under control.

According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 27 million Americans live with diabetes. That number consists of children and adults who suffer from both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Approximately, 20% of diabetics who take care of themselves still have complications. However, life with diabetes can be just as fulfilling as life without it.

In addition, those who take part in DDN will also have access to products and equipment that can greatly benefit them. There is also a Dash Diabetes YouTube channel that shares content filled with messages concerning the lifestyle of diabetics.  Viewers are privy to videos that feature interviews with diabetics, cooking tips, informational discussions, and a lot of fun content.

Overall, Dash wants DDN to show people that being aware and healthy is cool. He’s offering diabetics a safe place to learn more about how to control and improve their lives. It takes a village, not just to raise a child, but to also get the appropriate help necessary to overcome challenges. Through the Dash Diabetes Network, Dash offers the tools necessary to live the very best life as a diabetic.


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