Entertainment Moguls Nipsey Hussle and DJ Khaled Set to Make History with Momentous Business Venture

Entertainment Moguls, rapper Nipsey Hussle, and notable producer DJ Khaled, have conjugated with an expenditure conglomerate, in proffering for the historical, affluent, Viceroy Santa Monica hotel.


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The investment group is piloted by David Gross, an investor, and innovator established in Los Angeles, and R. Donahue Peebles, a prominent real estate figure.

Both are CEOs to separate companies, The Peebles Corporation owned by Peebles, and The Confluent Group spearheaded by Gross. Together, they have brought a distinguished mixture of business professionals, and people from the entertainment community, to become apart of this bid, to obtain the opulent property.


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In August of 2017, the hotel’s current owners, who are LaSalle Hotel Properties, began putting it on the market.

Some of the other venture capitalists, that have partaken in the bid are: Bracket VC a real estate firm, D3N9 is an investment firm, and Luol Deng a preeminent NBA player. 


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The Viceroy Santa Monica is a 162-room extravagant hotel with beautiful beachside views for their guests. 

Gross said, ”The Viceroy is one of my favorite hotels in the Los Angeles area. It has an incredible location and an understated, cool vibe. My partners and I are uniquely capable of repositioning the property as the luxury, boutique hotel with the most dynamic hospitality experience in Santa Monica, and the Westside of LA generally.”

If this group of diverse moguls acquires this bid, it will make history in becoming the minority pioneers, to possess a sophisticated auberge in Santa Monica.

Khaled’s and Nipsey’s prestigous status has afforded them the opportunity to broker several business deals.


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DJ Khaled, and Nipsey Hussle, will add another accolade to their ever-growing empire, and it would be an excellent title to add to their collection. They have stepped outside the entertainment realm, and into the world of venture capitalism. We wish them luck in their new business endeavor.

Written by: Jada Kemp aka SincerelyMSPRDiva


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