Erica Mena Says Lil Kim’s Throne Was Never Taken

BET’s 106 and Park may be on to something with booking guest hosts .  It appears controversy always follows, which isn’t always a bad thing.

Yesterday, Erica Mena and Ray J were guest hosts and Lil Kim was scheduled to appear.  Upon introducing her, Ray J said she was back to reclaim her throne, to which Erica vehemently cut him off and corrected him by exclaiming, “it was never taken!”  She then gave a knowing look while checking her nails.

Behold the shade…

Can we into to Ray J’s “wait a minute” face though? Priceless…

Needless to say, the barbs bumrushed her social media in record time. If you’ve ever seen Erica in action, you know she doesn’t back down. She sent them a message on Instagram reiterating her point.

kim and erica

Erica  is known for getting her point across by any means so this is a no-win situation. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but where you project it is usually where the problem lies. This certainly won’t have the same ramifications of the Karrueche vs. Blue Ivy incident though.

Will Nicki Minaj clap back or blow it off? Grab your popcorn, we may be in for a battle of the boroughs.

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