ESPN Unveils Stuart Scott Plaque at ESPN Studio

ESPN keeps finding new ways to honor one of their very own fallen angel who revolutionized the world of sports broadcasting: Stuart Scott. Scott died on January 4th, 2015 due to cancer, but his legacy still stands strong and ESPN intends on never forgetting one of their brightest and courageous stars.

In honor of Scott, ESPN unveiled a huge plaque commemorating him. The plaque includes a whole bunch of memorable quotes and phrases from the man who brought excitement and swagger to sports broadcasting. ESPN employees and friends and family of Scott gathered around for the unveiling ceremony of the plaque and to show their respect to the man they all knew and loved. The ceremony was hosted by ESPN’s Jay Harris.

What an awesome way to honor one of the most awesome guys on earth; A guy who inspired me to become a journalist without sacrificing my swagger and culture. Rest in peace Stuart Scott.

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