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Essential Art Tools for Artists

Essential Art Tools for Artists

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there are factors you should consider when choosing your art supplies. For instance, the medium you use will determine if the art piece will be a drawing or a painting. Here is a list of essential art tools every artist needs.

Graphite pencils

Sometimes, drawing your art first before applying paint can be crucial as the outlines will ensure you don’t spill paint where it’s not intended. A set of graphite pencils is essential for any artwork. Get yourself three to four quality pencils of varying shades. A 2B pencil is excellent for your general sketching and shading, 6B for creating darker shadows, and 4H for lighter shading.

Sketchbooks or drawing paper

At the initial stages when you are still developing your ideas, a sketchbook is vital. Before you can transfer your ideas on canvas or another painting surface, use a sketchbook to create rough sketches. Your sketchbook need not be expensive; a 70-sheet sketchpad is ideal.

Painting surface

After you have drawn your sketches and are satisfied with the outcome, you will need to draw your final draft on your preferred painting surface. Here, your painting surface will be primarily determined by what you paint. If you choose to use watercolours, then you will use pre-sketched pads as your painting surface. If acrylic is your thing, then you can choose to go for either acrylic paper or canvas depending on your preference. Head to TheWorks and get yourself a Mini Canvases Bundle a 12-pack bundle that’s great on the wallet and is ideal for artists of all ages.


You might need to make small changes on your sketch or even start it all over again; an eraser will come in handy in such cases. A kneaded eraser is particularly great for an artist as they leave no traces behind and you can easily reshape it when you want to erase a small area and create subtle shading.


A plastic palette is good enough. Whether you are using watercolour or acrylic, it will work just fine. Apart from being cheaper and readily available from local art stores to major stores online, it is also easy to use and clean.


There are different types of brushes that you can choose from depending on the paint and medium you use. When using acrylic, you will need a liner brush to paint fine details, a filbert brush for general painting and smoothing out, and a flat wash brush for painting the backgrounds. If you use watercolour, you will need a size 6 liner brush for painting fine details and a size 8, 10, or 14 round brushes for general painting.


Another essential art supply for every artist is paint. If you are a beginner, start with a small palette with less colour. A palette with a lot of colours can overwhelm you. You can mix the paint to come up with other hues that you would like to incorporate in your piece instead of having too many colours on your palette.

These are some of the essential art supplies that every artist needs to make their ideas come to life. You will find all the art supplies you need at TheWorkswhere you can shop for them at great deals and have them delivered right at your doorstep.


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