Estēe Lauder switching its targeted audience?

19-year-old Kendall Jenner is now the new face of American skin, fragrance, hair, and makeup company Estēe Lauder. Ms. Jenner is a multimedia celebrity and has lately evolved into a budding runway model. However, according to Estēe Lauder’s targeted age range is 35 to 55. Based on the age of Kendall Jenner one can only wonder…is Estēe Lauder switching their targeted audience? And if so, why?


Could they simply want to be with the times and appeal to a social media loving, fast paced generation?

Even in the other current and past faces of Estēe Lauder one can see that the models were all in their later 20s or older. Model and actress Carolyn Murphy who was around the age of 27 when she joined the company, and British actress and model Elizabeth Hurley who was around the age of 30 when she joined the company. Lastly, Czech model and actress Paulina Porizkova who was around 24 when she joined, and Karen Graham was 25 when she began to work for Estēe Lauder.


Maybe Kendal was chosen based on her social media presences? Perhaps  Estēe Lauder knew that if she was the face of the company young people would follow in Kendal’s footsteps and begin to use the company’s products.


Regardless of the background story, congrats to Kendall Jenner and her future with Estēe Lauder. This was a smart business move and it will increase the popularity of the company for the younger generation.


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