Evelyn Lozada ready to mend broken friendship with Jennifer Williams?

jennifer and ev

Hell must have frozen over or Evelyn Lozada finally grew a conscience. Either or, the new mommy seems to be heading down the path of reconciliation towards her once upon a time bff, Jennifer Williams.  She used Twitter as her platform to lay a foundation for forgiveness. Evelyn

Followers urged her to take that leap and contact her friend.

Evelyn-2 Ev evelyn2 evelyn3

Ev seemed to genuinely be open to reaching out to Jennifer.  The question is if Jennifer is willing to forgive and forget?   Jennifer sent a loaded tweet later that night.


Her tweet seemed to be along the lines of the saying friends come for a reason, season or lifetime.  I’m not exactly sure what category she was putting Evelyn in. The two women were inseparable during the genesis of Basketball Wives but that kindred-ship took a turn for the worst when new characters entered the crew and Evelyn began to date her ex-husband Chad Ochocino.

jen and ev

Jennifer didn’t like Chad for her friend and made no qualms about it when asked. Evelyn felt Jennifer was jealous and not being a true friend by talking about her relationship in interviews, etc.  What should have been a simple misunderstanding righted by a conversation turned way left.  After physical confrontations and too much messiness in general, Jennifer bid Basketball Wives and Evelyn farewell.  She’s been out of the limelight doing her own thing since all of that went down .

It’ll be interesting to see if they’re able to mend their broken friendship. If you were Jennifer, would you forgive Evelyn?  Give us your feedback!

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