Did Evelyn say no to the Basketball Wives Reunion

This season on basketball Wives was a brand new reality show for all of the ladies who seem to be on a positive movement.

We was able to learn more about all the Ladies and the things they were going though opposed to all the fighting well, expect Suzie who got her ass beat according to tami.

Now that the show is over we are all looking for the Basketball Wives reunion. But not so fast according to the word on the street this year there may not be a reunion show and Evelyn Lozada is being blamed.  Sources say Evelyn jumped ship because she’s sick and tired of talking about her split from ex-husband Chad Johnson. We’re told she knew the break-up would be the biggest topic on the reunion show, so she refused to participate.

I understand that Evelyn wants to move on and put this all behind her and after watching her cry the first 3 episodes I don’t think I could take another tear so if you ask me maybe they did a good thing by canceling the reunion show.