This past weekend Marty McDonald, founder of Boss Women Who Brunch hosted the Ultimate Vision Board Workshop. And talk about a boss experience. The event kicked off with words from Necole Kane, founder of the popular website XONecole.com.  Necole opened up the event telling the audience her testimony and how the popular site came to fruition.

The Road to Success is no cake walk

While sleeping on a family members couch, Necole came up with her first website concept. Her rise to success did not come without a struggle however she didn’t allow the limitations of her circumstance to limit her success. She looked around and saw what resources she had and made it work for her. With only an internet connection to work with, Necole saw her opportunity and took it. She studied the market to see how she could provide a solution that would set her site apart from the others and created her first website NecoleBitchie.com. The site served celebrity tea daily with up to the minute stories about celebrity drama.

While Necole’s journey began with the website NecoleBitchie.com, it lead her to find her purpose of empowering women. With her new sense of enlightenment Necole blossomed the website into XONecole.com, which focuses on uplifting young women.

Necole Kane website
Photo Credit: NecoleKane.com

If you build it the people will come

The workshop was facilitated by a dynamic group of women they achieved success in various industries:

  • Rachel Lindsey (The Bachelorette) Segment: Pay Me What You Owe Me
  • Kela Walker (Emmy Nominated Producer) Segment: Side Hustling: How to 9-5 and 5-9
  • Marsha Barnes (The Finance Bar) Segment: How to Save Those Coins
  • Yodit Tewolde (Attorney & TV Legal Analyst)  Segment: How to Solidify Your Brand Message on Social Media
  • Alanna Sarabia (Good Morning Texas TV host) Segment: How to Find Your Voice at The Board Table
  • Janelle Sands (Curls Brand Strategist) Segment: How to Create Break-Through Brand Content
Photo Credit: Boss Women Who Brunch

Meet the Event Producer

Boss Women Who Brunch was founded by Marty McDonald. Marty McDonald was lead to start the organization to inspire women, by providing them the tools necessary to help them break down barriers.

Boss Women Who Brunch founder
Photo Credit: Boss Women Who Brunch

LaToya Hurley

LaToya Hurley is a proud mother of 2, successful career women and entrepreneur. LaToya has works in the Marketing & PR realm as well as an analyst for the last 10 years delivering results for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and traveling.

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