What Every Single Girl Should Remember


by Tiara Harper


Being single is awesome! You have so much freedom when you are not in a relationship! You can dress however you want, do whatever (or whomever) you want without having to take someone else’s feelings under consideration. Every now and again, you come in visual contact with that PDA obsessed young couple, the fun, yet, chill college couple, and the sweet elderly couple and you begin to feel a little…lonely! At times it can be very unsettling and drive you to do something crazy, like jump into a random relationship, or drown your lonely girl sorrows with tears and buckets of ice cream. Before you try to force yourself into a meaningless relationship, or convince yourself that you were specifically chosen for eternal loneliness, please remind yourself of these important lessons that will get your spirit and confidence back in a peaceful and hopeful state.


Love Yourself! You’ve heard it a million times from your mama to Iyanla; love yourself before you love someone else. You don’t want your happiness to be in the hands of another. You should be in charge of the joy in your life. Be honest with yourself! If you want to be with someone solely to fit in with society or for someone to validate that you are “dateable”, you aren’t ready to be in a relationship. You should enjoy your own company, be enthralled with your mere existence!  Tip: Make a list of traits, both personality and physical, which you adore about yourself.  Say these traits in front of a mirror every day. Find your inner Kanye!


There IS Someone for YOU! Be patient, there is someone out there for you. They may come into your life tomorrow, or,10 years from now! Never forget that there is some designed for you. Believe this fact with all your might and prepare for them. Tip: Make a list of requirements your significant other(s) have to meet. Also, write down the wonderful things you have to offer.  Keep your head up and your heart open, and the law of attraction will work out in your favor.


Life is GOOD! Be thankful! Sit back and marvel at everything you have achieved. You’ve achieved everything you have due to your confidence and independence. You are a wonderful person, you are healthy, and your life is GOOD! Uplift yourself! Plus, being confident in yourself and achievements is a very attractive trait.


So remember: Be confident in yourself, be patient (your bae is on the way!), and love the life you have been given! Don’t waste another second feeling desperate or sorry for yourself!

Sebastien "@TheGayBestie" Gaudin

As a New Jersey native it came to no surprise when Sebastien birthed a knack for writing. During his college days the young blogger gained experience through international talkers such as The Maury Show and The Mo’nique Show. After years of interning and assisting the aspiring journalist threw caution to the wind and launched The Gay Bestie, LLC. Ladies brace yourselves because Sebastien is taking you places where you’ll be sure to blush and share a laugh! He’s giving exactly what’s been missing. Grab you’re favorite beverage (i.e. red wine), sit back, and prepare to gab about this with your girlfriends the minute you see them.