Ex Songs For The Fellas

Having a Drake moment?

Fellas, so often we can gain the reputation as not being “in touch” with our own emotions. Not everyone caters to the man who gets heartbroken or the short end of the stick.

When dealing with a breakup, someone is probably more hurt than the other person. Maybe someone was falling out of love each day while yours was increasing and then BOOM!

Now while everyone copes with hurt differently, men can handle their emotions or a void often times through emotionless intimacy (ok, we can say smashing randoms if you want), getting lit off either that green or some Henny – whatever your vice may be.

After talking to a few guys, they were asked which songs they listen to after experiencing heartbreak or who may not yet be over the situation. While most considered trap music or songs by Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and Yung Jeezy, others took the road of naming female songs.

It might be safe to say that when no one is watching, some of us might be blasting songs we just may not want anyone else to know.

A good female song can resonate well with women, of course, but for you sensitive brothers who are okay with your emotions and not afraid to show it – we got a list for you.

We sorted through a few chick songs that just may get you to remember a love that once was…and may even return so you never know.

2nd Thought – Brandy

So let’s face it – sometimes an ex or former fling does come back for a second round fellas. Either by some random occurrence or something we just may initiate on our own after time flies. No less, the question we need to ask is – if we get a second round, do we really want to take it? Remember, people change and grown so do you really want to hold someone hostage from past problems? You don’t have to go back at all, but don’t engage in the negative principalities that they once may have performed on you.

Officially Missing You – Tamia

We get it, you break up and you may miss the person. Studies claim that for however long you are with someone, half of that time should bring you back to your “old” self. Other studies show that it take close to 11 weeks, but hey time is time. Heal the way you want to fellas, but just remember that smashing women and drinking Tequila doesn’t solve nor fill the void.

Forever Don’t Last – Jazmine Sullivan

This ballad is NOT to be listened to past midnight while you’re drinking or reflecting; this bad boy might make you shed a tear quicker than Joseline Hernadez using understandable sentences with a subject and verb. Let’s be real, nothing lasts forever; change is inevitable. When two people are together and someone bounces, the fight to stay may no longer match yours. You’ll love again, don’t worry. The only thing that may bother you is “when” it will happen.  Let no one fool you, everyone wants love or companionship of some sorts despite the amount of “crazy” we may all possess.

Resentment – Beyoncé

Another version of this song was sung by Jazmine Sullivan and gives more of a raspy feel. This song will make you question as to why your ex went to someone else and gave them all the things you tried to do in a shorter amount of time. To all of you guys who may have the faces of a Mykel Kendricks, Lance Gross, and what’s that guy’s name from…never mind, Michael Ealy? Guess what, you can get dumped for someone who may not “look” as good you, but may be the key needed to unlock your unsuccessful efforts. Don’t hate on the new person. Why you ask? Because you’re going to upgrade to someone who wants to reciprocate your affectionate pallet just as well.

Curve Ball: Stuck On Stupid – Chris Brown

And so the plot thickens…Brown’s “Stuck On Stupid” off 2012’s “Fortune” reminds us that we aren’t exempt from being head over heels at some point. Some people resist, some people embrace the high that love gives and others can work keenly to sabotage a good thing out of fear using excuses. Just remember how to land on your feet if that “stupid” doesn’t pay off in the way you believe you deserve.

Curve Ball Two: Icebox – Omarion

Lifted off his “21” album, Omarion’s “Icebox” is a classic song that shows a man in turmoil with his own emotions. And even as he tries to move on, the brother clearly has unresolved issues that didn’t get the proper closure. Numerous articles have suggested that you won’t always get “closure” from your former bae. So what do you do? From a spiritual standpoint, forgive yourself and forgive the other person. Try not to dwell on what answers you didn’t get; easier said than done but hey.

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