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Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Photographer Angelo Kritikos

Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Photographer Angelo Kritikos

After entering a contest Angelo Kritikos went from being an aspiring photographer to an inspiring photographer. It wasn’t too long for this Chicago native to turn his dreams into a reality with just a leap of faith. Who would have known by Angelo being awarded as the Top Upcoming Photographer by fashion magazine, W magazine would change his life by opening so many opportunities? Angelo has worked with several celebrities such as Keke Palmer, Gal  Gadot, Ian Somerhalder, and Kelsey Chow for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Kontrol Magazine has an exclusive interview where he explains his transition from a college student to celebrity photographer, favorite projects, fashion trends, and words of wisdom. Angelo talks with us and shows us his down to earth, exciting, and ambitious personality we could not get enough of.


When did you realize photography was your passion?

Angelo:  “At 16 I would dress up my friends in crazy clothes and snap pictures of them and I really enjoyed doing that. Even on field trips in my art class, we would visit these amazing gardens and I noticed a stronger interest in photographing friends from class- not the scenery. At the age of 18 I took my portfolio to Elite Model Management, a well-known modeling agency and I was sent away a few times before they let me photograph one of their models”

How fast was the transition from being an aspiring photographer to an inspiring photographer? 

Angelo:  “I’ll always be aspiring! I learn something new on every photo shoot. Everything fell into place perfectly it was unreal. I was just finishing up my last year in college when I was announced the winner of W Magazine’s photography contest. So in May I was announced the winner, in June I graduated from college, and in July I came out to LA to test the city out for a month… and now I’ve been in LA for 3 1/2 years.” 

What was the biggest transition or change when moving from Chicago to Los Angeles? 

Angelo: “Besides the sick weather? *laughs* My main goal coming to LA was to ultimately shoot celebrities. LA is where it’s at for entertainment, fashion, music, film.  Chicago is such a fun city- the energy is crazy. Although the fashion world in Chicago is much smaller, it did help create my overall foundation as a photographer. I guess I’d have to say the workload is overall the biggest change.”


What is a typical day for you or your daily routine? 

Angelo: “As much as I love getting in a routine, I try to break out of them. Typically if I’m shooting, my day involves prepping for the shoot and getting everything ready. I don’t over think things since I usually shoot until I’m bored anyway *laughs*. If I am not shooting I’m usually editing photos or starting new creative projects. Everyday is always a new challenge.” 



What was your favorite project? 

Angelo: Ah it’s so hard to pick just one! I do have to say that shooting Pennybirdrabbit’s “Look For Love” music video was one of my first projects, since I was able to co-produce it with Penny herself. It was cool not to be in the driver’s seat alone and work together with her on creating the perfect visual for her song. I knew we would click right away when I first asked her to describe her personal style and she replied, ‘I’m like a lost alien boy.’  She is so unique, full of life, and is one of my best friends now. She really influenced me to get more into the music world. Musicians are more my style – eccentric, bold and unexpected. I love shooting with them.  


(Penny Bird Rabbit Shoot by Angelo Kritikos )

Favorite place to shoot in Los Angeles?

Angelo: “My photography is a personal reflection of myself. I like to often shoot in locations that I typically hang out outside of work. love shooting off of Melrose. The energy around there is so electric. It has such a cool vibe for any scene; the fashion, graffiti, and people make it a great place for photo shoots or to just chill.” 


What fashion trends are you excited or anxious to work with this summer? 

Angelo: I’m absolutely loving street wear right now. Anything sporty or mixing athletic styles, such as fitted joggers with a crisp button down is amazing to me.  I feel like the whole sporty meets fashion style will be the dominating trend this summer. As far as shooting goes, I try to incorporate brands that I love to wear in my photo shoots. Some dope brands I love to rock that you can keep an eye out for in my work is Drop Dead, Unif, and Dixten. I can talk about fashion and trends forever, but to be honest..there are so many different trends that are quickly in and out- being bold and being yourself is honestly the coolest trend.”

What advice would you give to an aspiring photographer? 

Angelo: Shoot what makes you happy and develop new strategies on how to make your art a business. As a photographer, your passion and inspiration will show in your work, which is why I can’t emphasize enough to shoot what you love. Stay focused, people will always try to get in the way of your craft and you can not allow your path to your dreams be blocked. Lastly, don’t take things too seriously. Have fun and love what you do… because if you don’t who will? 

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.39.50 AM


Angelo is a phenomenal photographer with an even greater personality. After speaking with him you can tell he is passionate and in love with what he does and how he represents himself. Kontrol was more than honored to interview him and hopefully we will speak with him soon. Maybe for our Holiday Issue for the Winter? For more info about Angelo follow him on Instagram @angelokritikos or view his work at www.angelokritikos.com.


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