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Exculsive Interview With Kinnik Sky

Exculsive Interview With Kinnik Sky

Former American Idol Contestant turned Play-Writer

Kinnik Sky is more than just a former American Idol contestant she is a award winning actress and a play writer. Kinnik’s first theater project “Sunday Mourning” is already starting to develop a nice buzz. Kinnik explains the play as a journey of a young women who gets so wrapped up in a man that she becomes ” lost in love forgetting her purpose”  through the journey we get to see the main character slowly start to reclaim her life and eventually find her purpose. We had a opportunity to sit down and talk to Kinnik about life, American Idol, Play writing, and how “Sunday Morning” came about.


Check out some highlights of the interview below:

Who is Kinnik Sky?

 Depends on when you’re asking lol. Kinink Sky is an ambitious southern girl with big dreams, loves god and is fearless.

How was it on American Idol?

I was one of the finalists on American idol season 5. That was just one of those things were I went with someone else to audition and I realized oh I’m within the age rage let me just give it a shot.

 How was it with your American idol cast mates?

 We got along so great that people thought we were fake but it really was no drama. It was a lot of pressure for all of us but we all were really supportive of each other and it was really one of my  best experiences from the show.

How did you get into acting/entertainment?

I have been acting since I was 7, I started out in a school play in the second grade .Throughout that time A lot of people around  me saw my talent and eventually I got the offer to attend a children theater school. We could really couldn’t afford it but they saw potential in me and said(to my parents) if they could just get me there I can attend for free. Ever since then I have always done acting and singing.

What made you move from Atlanta to LA?

LA is always in the back of an actor/actress mind. In 2009 I lost my father to cancer. I was raised by my father and we had a very special bond, it was extremely hard for me mentally. I needed to do something drastic because I was in such a deep depression, after a conversation with spiritual women she felt like she had a word from god that it was time for me to go, 3 weeks later I packed my things and moved out to LA.

 What is it like being a black woman in this industry?

Its like anything else we are the minority all the way around and that’s no different in Hollywood. More for me I’m a woman who happens to be black I don’t step out and say hey! I’m a black woman hear me roar!. Of course in my projects  I still compel to write from my own experiences as a woman who happens to be black. I feel  like a lot of black actresses feel like their missing an opportunity to represent who we really are not stereotypes.

How was  it working with Tyler Perry and Robert Townsend?

It was more learning and growth then I realized at the time. It wasn’t until now as a producer myself and taking a cast on the road for the first time, I’m reflecting back on all the things that they did and said. Now I draw from those experiences a great deal. They are two gentleman that have been very successful in this business and I desire to do even a inkling of what they have done in this business.

 Is there any similarities between the main character Sunday and you?

Some what, of course the show is extremely dramatized; it’s a totally fictional story. I was married and I wouldn’t say I lost my self in love but the marriage ended because I wanted to pursue my dreams and he wanted a “regular wife” and I’m anything but regular. He’s was great husband and an amazing man and still is but it just wasn’t the relationship for me. I knew that had something inside of me, I had some pretty big dreams that I had to pursue that I knew I just couldn’t do in that marriage. 

 How is like working with your Cast?

 My cast is unbelievably amazing, these people are so talented and so dedicated. I’m very much a perfectionist I live eat and breathe this so everyone that’s apart of my team has to be that dedicated and that committed to their craft. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with. 

 Why should people come out to see Sunday Mourning?

People should come out and see this play because its so far from anything they can ever expect or imagine. what a lot people need right now is hope and inspiration, not have that fake gloss over inspiration, they need to see it come from a REAL place.Sunday mourning is not what your use to . If they give themselves just two hours to sit in that seat I guarantee they will be so glad that they came.


With heavy hitters like Tyler Perry and Robert Townsend as mentors and that strong spirit its no doubt in my mind that Kinnik Sky will be become a very successful play-writer/producer.

“I’m definitely an up and coming black women who plans to make a difference in this industry as a writer and producer. I’m grateful for the support I had so far, I’m grateful for all the new people I’m about to be introduced to. I just encourage everybody to keep an open mind and be prepared because I plan on bringing some fresh air to this industry.”


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