Exclusive : Laura Govan… Moving On and Moving Up

What do you call it when someone realizes the detriment and negativity that a certain place, person or situation brings to your life and moves on from it? Would you call it selling out, giving up or missing out? Well the word that I am thinking of is maturity and class! These are the exact words that come to mind when speaking to Ms. Laura Govan. She exudes a sense of grace and confidence that clearly illustrates that she has experienced growth in her life. Kontrol Magazine spoke with Ms. Govan about her family, recent weight loss journey, and future professional ventures. She had a lot to say and much to look forward to!

Here is just a little of what Laura Govan had to say during her interview…

Whitney J: How do you deal with negative media and rumors about you?

Laura G: Girl I don’t give a shit!

Laura seems very happy with the decision to no longer be a part of the Basketball Wives show, and I must say she looks damn good too. Ms. Govan public displayed her drastic weight loss journey and is not ashamed of it. She exudes confidence and poise! She displays her kick butt work outs publicly on social media and spoke with Kontrol Magazine about it!

Whitney J: I just want to say you look amazing! You have really brought your sexy back! How did you do it?

Laura G: I have always been small. I gained 100 pounds with my last child and pregnancy. At this point I was at the heaviest I have ever been weighing 234 pounds. I decided to make a change. I trained really hard which was not hard to do because I have worked out all of my life. I encouraged myself to do my best. I have to do my best to look good! I just became devoted to working out. I worked out twice a day. My life revolves around my children so I work out in the morning before the children get up for school and in the evening after they are in the bed.

Whitney J: What was your motivation behind it?

Laura G: I motivate myself. I post pictures around the house and in my car of how small I used to be. I set attainable goals. I really watch what I eat. You have to be realistic. I do not like to diet and knew that I would not be successful with it. I depend on portion control. I can eat whatever I want, but I just control the portion of that which I eat.

Now with the recent weight loss and banging new body I was thrilled to ask about her relationship and sex life. I mean looking this good; it is a wonder how her fiancé, Gilbert Arenas, keeps his hands off of her. She gave Kontrol Mag the real uncensored answers!


Whitney J: Tell me how do you balance it all from your relationship, family and celebrity?

Laura G: I get a lot of rest. I take as many naps as possible. I must get eight hours of sleep. I am always busy so I always remain focused. My kids are my priority! Everything revolves around making sure my children are good.

Whitney J: Has your relationship and sex life changed since your recent weight loss?

Laura G: I admit that losing the weight has made my confidence shoot up. I look good naked and I love to have sex! Thirteen years is a long time to be with someone. I mean some marriages don’t even last that long!

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Photos Styled by Julian Lark

Makeup by K. Micole

Hair by Brandy Wells



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