Eye Candy Creations Announces Cynthia Bailey’s Eyewear Collection

Eye Candy Creations announced Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia Bailey launch of her new eyewear collection. Together Cynthia Bailey, celebrity eyewear stylist Tiffany Williams (CEO of Eye Candy Creations LLC.), and New York City original Menizzi Italy Eyewear collaborated to create an exclusive luxury eyewear collection.

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Cynthia wants her eyewear to be affordable, yet fashionable. Madame Bailey is quite excited about her new eyewear. This eyewear is bold but also elegant. Madame Bailey and her team created an eyewear that is also made with supreme quality for lasting durability.

Cynthia’s eyewear collection are handmade and fused with Italian acetates colors and the highest grade of German stainless steel. Each frame in her glasses will be fitted UV protection lenses.

This collection will consist of 10 styles ranging from $120- $150.

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Cynthia will launch two limited edition glasses first called, “Bailey” and “Noelle.” The remaining collection will be released Summer 2015.

Cynthia Bailey’s brand stands for hard work, ambition, positive affirmation, and service. Each month 10% of the profit made from the eyewear will go to charities such as, The Lion’s Club, One Sight American Foundation for the Blind, and New Eyes.

However, do not think that this is the end for Madame Bailey. This is just the first of more accessories to come.

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