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Port Products

Port Products recently launched it’s  Marine Layer Under Eye Recovery Gel, their first advanced skincare product. The eye gel is made using only natural ingredients and extracts from distinct sources. The California-made brand is known for developing in direct relation to the environment and climate conditions.

Available in a 0.5 pump container, the eye gel works to combat dark circles and under eye bags. It does this with the help of potent marine botanical extracts. The most prevalent are red algae, kelp, and seaweed. Additional ingredients include Wakame, barely seed extract, and Irish moss. These ingredients work together to improve elasticity, firmness, and smoothness.

Port Products
Marine Layer Under Eye Recovery Gel 0.5 oz., $40

Easy to apply, users only have to pump a small amount to apply to an area. After application, users will immediately feel instant cooling. They will also notice that the area will start to feel firmer. The significance is the that the area under the eye is naturally thin, which leaves it open to wear and tear. However, the firming effect that the gel gives allows that area to feel fresher and look younger.

It’s recommended to continue use for 30 consecutive days to fight signs of aging. At least twice a day Besides no more dark circles, the results lead to less puffiness, especially after long nights.

Judging by our test with the eye gel, it’s a very effective product. Easy application and immediate results make give it a lot of favor among our staff. And not just immediate results, but highly noticeable results. Making it easier to achieve a younger appearance. this probably the best product that Port Products currently has out.

Check out Port Products Marine Layer Under Eye Recovery Gel and other products by visiting https://portproducts.com/


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