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Eyes on the Prize – Jazmyn Simon

Eyes on the Prize – Jazmyn Simon


Many people have this preconceived idea of what happiness is or entails for them but how many of them really go out to find their true happiness? That thing that beyond a shadow of a doubt makes them happy whether they get paid for it or not, whether anyone likes it or not or no matter how rough life can get you find solace within it. That kind of happiness. We live in a world today where a lot of time we’ll settle for temporary happiness if it fits the cookie cutter mold because we’re too scared of what others may think or say. But there is one woman who stepped outside of her comfort zone in search of what made her undoubtedly happy and her name is Jazmyn Simon.

When Jazmyn Simon was in college she took journalism courses and had a radio show and producer. One day, Jazmyn wound up being in the spotlight and slowly began to think that life in front of the camera might be grander than life behind the scenes. The following semester she took up theater classes and thrived. Unlike in the movies, most people don’t jump from the stage on graduation day to the stage in the audition room and Jazmyn found the journey to becoming an actress harder than she thought. The pounding the pavement, the “you’ve got the look but not right now”, the dismissals – it all became too much and Jazmyn knew she just had to get away. So she packed her bags and moved from Las Vegas to Chicago. There she landed a real job, ironically working for HBO as an accounts assistant in a small satellite office in Chicago. By twenty four, Jazmyn owned a home, had money in the bank and keys to her own Range Rover, and yet, she wasn’t happy. She knew that although she excelled at her job it wasn’t what made her happy and no amount of amenities would change that.  Her best friend asked her “Well, Jaz, you’re living a good life here but I can tell you’re not happy. What is it that you really want to do?” Jazmyn knew acting was it and a year later she packed her belongings and moved to LA.

Fast forward a few years and Jazmyn Simon has ARRIVED! To date she has appeared in a few commercials for major brands such as Verizon and Miller Lite and she also had a brief role in the film “Baggage Claim”. Jazmyn’s next big role is in the upcoming HBO Original Series “Ballers”, a show that is centered around a group of football players and their families, friends and lives. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars in the show and Mark Wahlberg executive produces it, while Steven Levinson, Evan Riley write the amazing script and storyline.

Jazmyn plays a character named Julie Greene and describes her character as “smart and sexy, married to a retired football player and a practicing doctor. She’s ambitious, she’s funny and she’s driven to pretty much do it all no matter what.

When you think of a woman married to a football player, you automatically have an idea of what kind of woman she is. You really don’t think smart doctor married to football player. She’s a very unique character in that way and I love that the writers gave her some depth, because they could have made her anything, but they made her very smart. They made her a career woman.”

Jazmyn is the only female series regular and no doubt that can be intimidating all on it’s own but Jazmyn says she feels no pressure. “Everybody in the cast treats me like a little sister, they really do look out for me. Everybody is just so humble and driven and I think that’s what makes the chemistry on the show so real. It’s genuine.”

Jazmyn never took her eyes off the prize and in her case, the prize was a career in acting. Jazmyn is the epitome of a woman in Kontrol of her life and we should all take notes.

I personally cannot wait to see the premiere of Ballers! Who’s going to join me?

“Ballers” will air June 21st, 10 p.m. directly following True Detective


By Monique C. Tillman


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