Face the Future: K-Beauty Face Mask Juicer

As time moves forward, we are obsessed with trying to make tasks simple, fast and readily available. The K-Beauty Face Mask Juicer is showing us the future of Facials by doing just that!

So what is it? Exactly what it sounds like– a juicer that produces a facial mask without the mess or mounds of money to get one.

This contraption was spotted at an International Beauty Expo in Korea. Like a regular juicer, just add fruits and/or vegetables of your choice, water, and tablets that come with the device and within minutes you’ll have your face mask ready to use.


Better looking skin is on the way! The makers of this added something extra special– if you don’t want to use water, you can substitute for other ingredients including milk or serums.  Another ingredient includes “essence,” used in Korea, it’s a blend between liquids and lotions used after cleaning the skin.

Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on this innovative beauty hack yet.  It’s set to go on the market in 2016. Until then, keep your eyes open at the grocery store for the healthy foods you might want to add to make your masks in the future.

Victoria Webster

Beauty Writer

Natural Hair lover and product junkie, Victoria is a beauty writer based in Cleveland, Ohio. As a graduate of Baldwin Wallace University, she has worked with different publications including Cleveland Magazine and The Call and Post Newspapers. She loves all things related to health and beauty. When she's not working, you can catch her looking for new beauty products to try on naturally curly hair or browsing the web for the latest beauty trends and products to feature on her website www.blossom2beauty.com.