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Fake It Until you Make It: 5 Ways To Live Like a Celeb

Fake It Until you Make It: 5 Ways To Live Like a Celeb

Things are not always as they seem. Luck isn’t a right, and sometimes you have to make your luck to achieve what might be considered unachievable.

Living like a celeb doesn’t come easily. For some, the lucky few can achieve celebrity status overnight by hitting the casino tables or being left a stash by an old auntie you forgot you had. For most people, it’s a life achievement to enjoy some of the smaller luxuries in life – celeb life doesn’t come cheap, that’s for sure.

For example, let’s take Anna Sorokin. Known as the fake heiress, Anna Sorokin (Anna Delvey), is a Russian-born woman and a convicted fraudster. Anna shot to fame for her ability to blend into social circles, which allowed her to con her way into a fortune. While she may have spent a few years in prison, Anna has hit the big time in the end with a hot new series commissioned by Netflix, which will tell her life story. Who says crime does not pay?

We are not suggesting that this is the way forward, but a couple of lessons on working your way up and enjoying a celebrity lifestyle has to be a good thing.

Faking it until we make it is a habit for anyone willing to attempt something new and move outside of their comfort zone. However, there are a few fundamental rules to keep in mind.

  1. Have a Goal in Mind

Your dissatisfaction is almost certainly justified. The first step is to understand that you need to change, followed by defining goals to take you where you want to go. Having a goal and a deadline is essential, whether your new aim is in your professional or personal life. Being focused on your destination is not faking it; it’s just great advice and a place to start.

If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you expect anyone else to know your destination? Or help you get there, for that matter?

  1.   Be Prepared To Ask For What You Desire

Most of us know people who have risen swiftly in their professional careers and assumed a great deal of responsibility. This was not because they were more talented than others, but rather because they weren’t scared to ask for what they wanted and put themselves out there.

One thing is for sure, you have to make your intentions clear and strive hard to see them through. People don’t hand you opportunities just because you’re looking for them – you have to be hungry for them. Don’t be afraid to express how much you desire something to those who can help and give you a push up the career ladder. However, don’t be arrogant.

  1. Be Humble

Nothing is more unappealing than an arrogant person or someone in a position of power who exudes a less-than-desirable aura. Learn to check in your ego at the door. People will want to emulate you if you are the type of person they want to be.

Striving for something new and faking it until you make it is a great boost but be nice simultaneously. Be willing to pick up tips from people who have gone before you; it will help you reach your destination much faster.

  1. Have Faith in Yourself

Confidence is enticing. There is no denying it. It’s also enticing to be successful. If you’re going to fake it, do it confidently and with a sense of humour. You must know what you can contribute and how to rock it on this journey.

No one is the best at everything, but most people have strong points to make up for it. If you have enough (but not too much) faith in yourself, you will discover that anything is possible. Assist others in recognising their abilities. Find your game face and go into each day with a swagger.

  1. Maintain An Open Mind

You might be starting from point A and determined to go to point G, but when you reach point D, your entire world is turned upside down in the best conceivable way! Please don’t get caught up in the act of faking it to the point where you forget to enjoy the ride. When you walk out into the unknown, keep an open mind to the people and opportunities that come your way.

In everything you do, be mindful of timing and the possibility of the unexpected. In today’s world of limited opportunities, we can’t be frightened to take a completely different path and try something new. That is how we discover our true calling in life.

So, whether you’ve always wanted to try your hand at jewellery-making, open a bar, learn about fashion or prepare for a highly competitive fitness competition, just do it. Listen to your gut and trust that even if you fall, you’ll have had a great time getting there. Fake it until you make something of yourself is more realistic; but the phrase doesn’t have quite the same ring. You can blame advertising for that.



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